All the Armor Sets in AC: Valhalla are associated with one of 3 skill trees i.e. Bear, Raven, or Wolf. There are a total of 5 Armor Sets that are associated with the Bear tree. In this Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla guide, we’ve detailed all the Bear Armor Sets, locations of individual pieces, and the bonuses that they provide.


Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Bear Armor Sets Locations

Armor Sets in AC: Valhalla not only provide damage reduction but also grant bonuses for wearing multiple pieces. Armor in the game can also be upgraded at any Blacksmith to unlock additional Rune slots and further increase their effectiveness.

Valkyrie Set

Valkyrie Armor Set can be bought from the Ubisoft Store. There are a total of 5x pieces of the Valkyrie Armor Set:

  • Valkyrie Cloak
  • Valkyrie Helm
  • Valkyrie Braces
  • Valkyrie Leggings
  • Valkyrie Armor

You’ll get the following bonuses for wearing multiple pieces of the Armor Set:

  • 2x Pieces: Increased speed after using the Dive of Valkyries ability
  • 5x Pieces: Increased attack and armor

Berserker Set

Players who own the Ultimate Edition of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla automatically unlocked the Berserker Set. If you bought the Standard Edition, you should still be able to purchase it from the Helix Shop or as an RNG reward from Reda. There are a total of 5 pieces of Berserker Set:

  • Berserker Hood
  • Berserker Helm
  • Berserker Braces
  • Berserker Breeches
  • Berserker Armor

You’ll get the following bonuses for wearing multiple pieces of Berserker Armor Set:

  • 2x Pieces: Increased speed while taking damage until healed – stacks up to 5 times
  • 5x Pieces: Increased attack and armor

Thor’s Armor Set

Thor’s Armor Set includes the following pieces:

Gauntlets, Breeches, and the Battle Plate
Defeating all 3 Daughters of Lerion will get you these armor pieces. Daughters of Lerion are high-level enemies who wouldn’t go down without a fight. We’d recommend leveling up a little before tackling them. Feel free to check out our Daughters of Lerion locations guide if you’re having trouble finding them in the game.

Thor’s Helmet
You need to defeat all the Daughters of Lerion and place the daggers you get from them into a statue to get Thor’s Helmet. The statue is inside the Lerion Crypt on the right side of where you see East Anglia on the map.

Thor’s Cape
To get Thor’s Cape, you’ll need to defeat every single member of the Order of the Ancients and then speak to Hytham.

Below, you’ll find about the bonuses you’ll get for wearing multiple pieces of Thor’s Set:

  • 2x Pieces: Stun an enemy to gain increased speed
  • 5x Pieces: Increased stun

Thegn’s Set

5 pieces that make up the Thegn’s Set in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla are provided below with their locations:

Thegn’s Heavy Tunic
After getting to the location shown, jump into the water, and continue to follow the path to get the Thegn’s Heavy Tunic.

Thegn Heavy Tunic

Thegn’s Braces
Thegn’s Braces can be found inside a hut. You’ll first need to assassinate a target to acquire a key which will let you open up the chest containing the armor piece.

Thegn Braces

Thegn’s Cloak
You need to get to the location shown on the map. Once there, you’ll need to shoot a lock, move a bounder, and then return to the room with the chest to get Thegn’s Cloak.

Thegn Cloak

Thegn’s Great Helm
To open the chest containing Thegn’s Great Helm, you’ll need a total of 3 keys, all of which are found in the area. Once you’ve acquired the keys, you’ll be able to break the window of the room containing the chest and head inside.

Thegn Great Helm

Thegn’s Breeches
After getting to the area, you’ll need to assassinate a target to acquire a key. The key will let you access a cave entrance containing Thegn’s Breeches.

The following are the set bonuses you’ll get for wearing multiple pieces of Thegn’s Set in AC: Valhalla:

  • 2x Pieces: Parrying provides increased Critical Chance
  • 5x Pieces: Critical Damage increases

Brigandine Set

There are a total of 5 pieces of Brigandine Armor Set in the game. Below, you’ll find the locations of each individual piece:

Brigandine Helm
After you arrive in Wenlocan Outpost, you’ll find the armor piece inside a cave, behind a large rock that you’ll need to move.

Brigandine Helm

Brigandine Cloak
After arriving at the area in the screenshot, destroy the barrels on the boat to open up a path. Continue to follow the only way inside and you’ll find the chest at the very end.

Brigandine Cloak

Brigandine Gauntlets
You need to head over to Beamasfield and collect the ‘First Beamasfield Chest Key’ from a small house. After getting the key, use Odin Sense to locate the chest and open it to get the Brigandine Gauntlets.

Brigandine Gauntlets

Brigandine Armor
From the viewpoint at the Canterbury Cathedral, head inside the church and you’ll find it in a small room. To get the chest, however, you’ll need to drop the chandelier on the floor by shooting at its hook.

Brigandine Armor

Brigandine Trousers
You’ll need to destroy the weakened patch of land in the area and then jump down to get it.

Brigandine Trousers

As for the set bonuses that Eivor will get from wearing multiple pieces of Brigandine Armor, they are:

  • 2x Pieces: When surrounded by more than 2 enemies, gain additional armor
  • 5x Pieces: Increased melee damage

That’s all we’ve got in our Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Bear Armor Sets guide. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla wiki guides.