n the vast world of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Gear Chests are coveted treasures that contain valuable equipment. One such chest is located at the docks of Upper Harbor, and obtaining it requires a bit of puzzle-solving. This guide will walk you through the steps to access the Gear Chest at Upper Harbor.


Assassin’s Creed Mirage Upper Harbor Gear Chest Location

The Gear Chest in question is located at the docks of Upper Harbor in Harbiyah. This is the same location you’ll visit during a main quest alongside Beshi, where your objective is to free prisoners. The key landmark to look for is a giant boat docked at the harbor. This boat houses the Gear Chest, but accessing it isn’t straightforward.

How To Solve Upper Harbor Gear Chest Puzzle

  1. Initial Shelf Interaction: Upon entering the boat, you’ll notice a shelf. Start by pushing this shelf back to enter the chest area. Once inside, push the same shelf all the way to the left.
  2. Wooden Crates: To your right, you’ll see wooden crates stacked on top of each other. Jump over these crates to reach the other side.
  3. Second Shelf Interaction: Once you’ve jumped over the crates, you’ll be faced with another shelf. Pull this shelf towards you until it can’t move any further. This action will create an opening behind the shelf.
  4. Third Shelf Interaction Shelf: Jump back over the wooden crates and head through the newly created opening on the right, then turn left. You’ll find yourself back at the third shelf. Pull all the way back toward you and then go through the opening created behind this new shelf that leads to the very first shelf we moved.
  5. Final Shelf Interaction: Approach the first shelf from the new opening created by the third shelf. Push this shelf all the way to the left. This action will finally grant you access to the Gear Chest.

Once you successfully solve the puzzle and open the Upper Harbor Gear Chest, you’ll be rewarded with the Zanj Uprising Outfit Upgrade Schematic.

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