Assassin’s Creed Mirage is the latest installment in the renowned Assassin’s Creed series. As with previous titles, the game introduces various mechanics that players need to be aware of, one of which is the Notoriety system. If you have played Grand Theft Auto Games, then you can think of this system as Assassin’s Creed’s take on Wanted Levels. Although not as intense as the Wanted Levels, Notoriety Levels in Assassin’s Creed Mirage are still uncomfortable to have so it is best to remove them as soon as you can. In this guide, we will not only go through each AC Mirage Notoriety Level but also explain how to decrease and remove Notoriety in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.


How To Decrease Notoriety In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the protagonist, Bassim, is not free to act without consequences. Engaging in illegal actions will increase his notoriety gauge, which can lead to various challenges and threats. There are two primary ways to decrease Notoriety:

  1. Find and tear down posters
  2. Pay off a Munadi

Tearing Down Posters To Remove Notoriety

Posters are one of the ways to remove Notoriety levels in Assassin’s Creed Mirage but it is not the best way. Posters are hard to find as they don’t even get highlighted with Eagle Vision and aren’t on the world map. So, you have to manually look around to find posters using the top navigation bar, tracking them via the Poster Icon.

One thing to keep in mind that unlike earlier Assassin’s Creed games, posters aren’t placed on higher grounds. Always look for posters at street levels.

There are three Notoriety levels in AC Mirage and you have to tear down one poster for each Notoriety level to successfully remove it.

image explaining how to find and tear down posters in AC Mirage.

Bribe A Munadi

Paying off a Munadi is the best way to remove Notoriety. All you need is a Power Favor Token and all of your troubles go away. Munadi are public speakers / announcers found an various bazaars of Baghdad. Approach a Munadi and pay them off with 1 Power Token to remove all of your active Notoriety levels. Munadis are represented by a ripped poster Icon on the world map.

Note: You can get Power Favor Tokens by Pickpocketing and looting chests.

Watch Me Pay Off A Munadi After Getting +3 Notoriety

The 3 Levels of Notoriety

  1. 1st Level: At this level, ordinary citizens will report Bassim’s activities to the guards. This means that even the general populace becomes a potential threat, as they can alert guards to your presence and actions.
  2. 2nd Level: The danger escalates as archers are now positioned on city rooftops, and they will shoot Bassim on sight. This makes navigating the city more challenging, as high vantage points are no longer safe.
  3. 3rd Level: This is the most dangerous level of notoriety. An elite unit from Baghdad, known as the interceptor, will actively hunt and confront Bassim with the intent to end his life. These units are highly skilled and pose a significant threat.

What To Do When You’re Notorious

While you’re trying to find posters in Baghdad, here are some tips that will help you out as you run for your life around the city.

  • Environment: Utilize the environment for stealth. For instance, Bassim can blend into crowds to remain incognito or make a quick escape. Walking alongside at least three people can help in blending in.
  • Bribing Citizens: Some citizens can be bribed to create diversions, drawing the attention of guards away from Bassim.
  • Hiding Spots: Traditional hiding spots, such as piles of hay, remain crucial for evading detection.