In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the city of Baghdad is brimming with secrets waiting to be uncovered. Among these are the Enigmas, two-part puzzles that lead players on a thrilling treasure hunt. One such Enigma that has intrigued many is the “Joy Beneath Weeping Palms.”


Where To Find Joy Beneath Weeping Palms

Every Enigma begins with a clue, a cryptic message or drawing that sets players on their path. For the “Joy Beneath Weeping Palms,” the journey starts on the south side of the city walls, in a tranquil cemetery. But this isn’t just any cemetery; it holds the key to the Enigma.

Head south-southeast of the bustling Bazaar, and you’ll come across the Gate of the Mills. Just a tad west of this gate, you’ll find a quaint cemetery. Within this resting place, there’s a standalone mausoleum. Approach it, and you’ll find the Enigma clue next to a tomb beneath the structure. This drawing, while seemingly simple, is the gateway to the treasure

Joy Beneath the Weeping Palm Enigma location on the map.
Joy Beneath the Weeping Palm Enigma location.
Joy Beneath the Weeping Palm Enigma clue.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Joy Beneath Weeping Palms Solution

The drawing depicts a date palm farm to the south. From the cemetery, follow the road southward, passing through the heart of the farm. As you reach an intersection, take a right turn, heading west. Soon, you’ll come across a house. From here, venture south, cutting across the fields. Your destination? An irrigation channel, known as a falaj. Here, buried under some rocks next to a blanket, you’ll find the treasure: the Green Hidden One dye.

For those who successfully solve the “Joy Beneath Weeping Palms” Enigma, the reward is the Green Hidden One dye. This vibrant dye gives Basim’s outfit a fresh look, perfect for those who want to stand out while navigating the streets of Baghdad.

Joy Beneath the Weeping Palm Enigma Treasure Location on the map.
Joy Beneath the Weeping Palm Enigma Treasure Location.
Joy Beneath the Weeping Palm Treasure revealed.