In the heart of Assassin’s Creed Mirage lies a quest named ‘Gilded Butterflies’. This mission is initiated when you encounter Kong, an old friend of Basim’s. Kong entrusts you with a task of great importance – to retrieve a precious plate that’s concealed within Luca’s shop, located conveniently near the bazaar. While the mission might seem straightforward, the plate isn’t just lying around waiting to be picked up. It’s hidden, and you’ll need to navigate through a series of challenges within the shop to get your hands on it.


AC Mirage: How To Get Kong’s Plate

Begin by heading to the market as indicated on your map. Once you arrive at Luca’s shop, make your way through the door on your left.

Inside, you’ll notice a movable shelf. Your first task is to pull this shelf out and then push it across the room. This action allows you to climb it and access the level above. On this upper level, grab one of the fire pots available. Jump back down to the ground level and use this fire pot to shatter the breakable wall.

Once the wall is down, maneuver the movable shelf through this new opening. Position it approximately in the center of the hallway. Now, climb this shelf and leap up to the next level. Your prize, Kong’s Plate, awaits you on a desk ahead. Make sure to also scan the area for other lootable items and collect them.

With the plate in your possession, it’s time to make your exit. You can either retrace your steps, jumping down the way you entered, or opt for a quicker exit through a door located to the right of the desk where you found Kong’s Plate. Once outside, navigate your way back to the bazaar and hand over the plate to a grateful Kong.

When you hand over the plate to Kang, he will share information that will trigger the next objective in the Gilded Butterflies main quest. The next objective is to eavesdrop on someone but after that, getting the Ivory Brooch becomes a problem. Don’t worry, we also have a guide explaining how to find the Ivory Brooch in AC Mirage.