In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Gear Chests are hidden treasures that contain valuable items. One of the most challenging Gear Chests to access is located in The Four Markets. This guide will provide a step-by-step walkthrough to help you unlock the Four Markets Gear Chest and obtain the Zanj Uprising Dagger.


Assassin’s Creed Mirage The Four Markets Gear Chest Location

The Gear Chest is in The Four Markets of Abbasiyah. Recognized as one of the most challenging chests in AC Mirage, this Gear Chest is securely locked, with a breakable back wall. However, accessing the Oil Jar needed to break this wall is a puzzle in itself.

general map overview of the Four Markets Gear Chest.
The Four Markets Gear Chest Location in AC Mirage.

How To Get The Four Markets Chest In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Upon approaching the Gear Chest building, you’ll notice that the door is locked, and while the back wall is breakable, the adjacent building housing the Oil Jar is also locked.

Scale the Gear Chest building, and you’ll find a letter. This letter reveals that the individual responsible for this area has ventured to The Four Markets for some tea. This clue indicates that this person possesses the key you need.

From the Gear Chest building, head northeast. Keep your Eagle Vision active to spot a person marked with a key icon on the first floor of a building near a tower. This individual holds the key you seek. Enter the building, discreetly loot the key, and return to the Gear Chest location.

Use the newly acquired key to unlock the door of the building containing the Oil Jar. Retrieve the Oil Jar and use it to blow up the back wall of the Gear Chest building. Before entering the building, there’s another obstacle. The Gear Chest is located on the first floor, but access is blocked. Spot a window above the wall you just destroyed. Through this window, throw a knife at the Oil Jars inside, causing an explosion that opens up the first floor.

Enter the building, and you’ll notice a shelf. Pull this shelf into position, allowing you to climb up and finally access the Gear Chest. Inside the Gear Chest, you’ll find the coveted Zanj Uprising Dagger, a valuable addition to your arsenal in Assassin’s Creed (AC Mirage).