The combat in ACMirage is slightly different from some of the previous games. If you skipped some of the AC titles and are coming back in with Mirage, some things might not immediately make sense. In this Assassin’s Creed Mirage combat guide, go over some combat tips and tricks that should help you survive.


Assassin’s Creed Mirage Combat Tips And Tricks

The following are some combat tips that you should keep in mind when playing AC Mirage.

Wait For The Glow To Parry

AC Mirage encourages players to parry and counterattack. So getting the parry timings down can be very rewarding and will allow you to quickly take down enemies. The enemy glow is the prompt that you are looking for. You should press the parry button when the enemy glows for a perfect parry. A red glow means that the attack cannot be parried and you will need to dodge to avoid taking damage.

Look Into Weapon Stats And Modifiers

Not all the weapons in Assassin’s Creed Mirage are the same and one of our tips is to look into weapon stats and modifiers. Some weapons will have higher damage while others will have better defense. Modifiers can give you an edge in combat if you use them correctly. The Zanj Uprising sword, for example, has a higher attack but lower defense compared to your default weapon. It also deals +50% extra damage after a perfect dodge. So if you can dodge at the last second then you will do increased damage.

AC Mirage Zanj Uprising Sword

Use Eagle Vision To Mark Targets

You can use eagle vision to look around an area and mark targets if you want to infiltrate an area without getting caught. Enemies remain marked even if they move around.

Use Throwing Knives To Silently Kill Enemies Outside Melee Range

Silent assassinations are the trademark of an assassin, but at times, targets are not in range. This is where throwing knives can be very helpful. You only carry a limited number of these, but you can often find them as loot. So keep an eye out for them.

Upgrade Weapons And Gear

Upgrading your weapons and gear will make them better and increase your survivability. You will need upgrade materials and specific upgrade schematics for the weapons and gear you want to upgrade. Once you have everything that you need, you can upgrade your weapons and outfit at the blacksmith or tailor. You can check out our guide on where you can find the Zanj uprising outfit upgrade schematic.

AC Mirage Zanj Uprising Outfit

Use The Blowdart To Quickly Take Down Armored Enemies

Armored enemies are tougher to damage compared to regular enemies. Luckily, you have the blowdart. This allows you to quickly immobilize targets and take them out with a single hit. We recommend saving the blowdart for armored enemies and getting the tool as soon as you can due to its combat effectiveness.

Use Your Environment

Some planning can help you in combat. You will often find explosives in the environment that you can use to take out enemies without being detected. Similarly, you can also drop cargo on enemies to kill them instantly and make it look like an accident. Be aware of your surroundings and plan a step ahead to effectively defeat enemies without putting yourself in danger.

Destroy The Alarm Bell

If you are detected, enemies will try to ring the alarm bell to tell surrounding enemies of your presence and even call in reinforcements. This is not something that you want. I recommend scouting the area before heading in and destroying the alarm bell so that enemies cannot use it. You can destroy the alarm bell from a distance using a throwing knife.

Use Smoke Bombs To Escape Combat

If you have been detected or are overwhelmed by enemies, then you can use a smoke bomb to escape. These create thick smoke and great the enemy’s line of sight, allowing you to make an escape.

Use Hiding Spots

Once you have broken the enemy’s line of sight, you can hide in hiding spots to become anonymous. Hiding spots include tall grass, piles of flower petals, shacks, and more. You can also blend in with people by standing in a group or sitting on a bench.

These are some combat tips and tricks that should help you survive in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. To learn more about the game, check out our Assassin’s Creed Mirage guides hub.