Enigmas are two-part puzzles scattered around Baghdad. The first part involves finding a collectible, which could be a cryptic message or drawing. This leads you to the second part, which is a treasure, such as a dye or a talisman. A Challenge is one of the Enigma in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. The hint for this particular Enigma is positioned near the renowned House of Wisdom in the Abbasiyah district. To be precise, it’s placed on a balcony shielded by a towering tree close to the city’s southwestern boundary.


Where To Find A Challenge Enigma Scroll

A Challenge Enigma Location in AC Mirage.

How To Solve A Challenge Enigma In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Let’s first loot at the clue for A Challenge Enigma:

  • Think yourself an intellect?
  • Then try to find my hoard.
  • Turn east from where the learned observe
  • The Ram, the Scales, the Gourd.
  • Seek out the isle where waters split
  • And once you’ve dared to ford its banks
  • You’ll find that at my flanks
  • Wheels churn, therein is stored
  • What once stood proud
  • Now felled and cowed
  • That scriveners might record
  • Look within my walls and win
  • An Intellects reward.

Contrary to initial thoughts, the hint doesn’t point to the House of Wisdom but to another significant location, the Observatory.
Moving eastward from the Observatory, players will come across multiple mills. The treasure is concealed near a waterwheel on the island’s southwestern edge. Behind this waterwheel, there’s a window with bars. However, players can hurl a dagger through it, specifically targeting the window on the left. Go through the now unbarred window. Once inside, you will be rewarded with the unique Black Rostam dye.

A Challenge Enigma location on Assassin's Creed Mirage Map.
A Challenge Enigma puzzle solution and treasure location.
A Challenge Enigma treasure.

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