As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama game released on Xbox and PC. Critics have well received the game, but some players have complained about the multiplayer not working. While the game’s developers have not yet responded to these reports, there are a few things that players can try to get the multiplayer working.

As Dusk Falls Multiplayer Not Working Fix

Restart Device

The first thing that players should try is restarting their device. This has been known to fix various issues, which may also work for the multiplayer not working issue.

Power Cycling

If restarting the device does not work, players should try power cycling. To do this, they should turn off their device, unplug it from the power source, and then plug it back in. After waiting a few minutes, they should turn on their device and try relaunching the game.

Reinstall the Game

Players may need to reinstall the game if the multiplayer is not working. To do this, they should go to the Microsoft Store (for Xbox One players) or Steam (for PC players) and uninstall the game. Once the game has been uninstalled, they should restart their device and install it again.

Server Status

It is also possible that the servers for As Dusk Falls are down. Players can check the server status for the game on the official website or social media platforms such as Twitter. If the servers are down, players must wait until they are back up to play the multiplayer.

Check Internet Connection

Players should also make sure that their internet connection is working correctly. To do this, they can run a speed test and compare the results to the minimum system requirements for the game. Players may need to upgrade their internet package or connect to a different network if the internet connection is not fast enough.

Contact Customer Support

If none of the above fixes work, players must contact customer support. They can do this by going to the official website and clicking on the “Contact Us” link. From there, they must fill out a form with their issue and contact information. A customer support member should get back to them within a few days.


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