Ark Valguero is home to plenty of creatures and location each one can be a bit tricky. In this Ark Valguero Creatures Locations Guide, we are going to tell you where you can find the different creatures including Deinonychus, Rock Golem, Ice Wyvern and Karkinos.

Ark Valguero Creatures Locations

The following is a summary of all the creature locations that you can find in Ark Valguero.

Creature Location
Deinonychus 92,89
Rock Golem 82,95
Ice Wyvern 8.2,79.5
Karkinos 32.1,92.9

The following are the detailed locations of each creature in Ark Valguero.


This is a new creature that has been introduced in the new map. These creatures are very territorial and will try their best to protect their nests. You will find Deinonychus at 92,89 in the White Cliff Region where there are raw salt reserves. 

This is the spawn area for Deinonychus and you will find them in packs here. We recommend that you do not come on foot or alone. Coming with a creature or a flying creature will make things much easier for you.

Ark Valguero Creatures Locations Deinonychus

If you are looking for an egg then you should check high and low as they can spawn on cliffs and on the ground. This area is full of Deinonychus eggs and you should not have any issues finding them. You are guaranteed to find some at 67,92. They will be on the ground in a nest but they will be guarded by a group of Deinonychus, so do keep that in mind.

Rock Golem

At the bottom right corner of the map, you will find the creature exactly at 82,95. You will find an opening between a couple of mountains guarded by steep cliffs. There is a flat open ground in the middle.

Rock Golem

You might not be able to see the Rock Golem at first. This is because they look like rocks when they are sleeping. To wake one up, you need to go close and hit it. If you hit the right one then the rock will shatter and a Rock Golem will appear.  It will not be happy to be awoken out of nowhere so you might want to run.

Ice Wyvern

This creature can be found in the snowy area. The coordinates are 8.2,79.5. This location is at the top right of the map. Here you will find an old Ice Wyvern den. Inside you will find nests of Ice Wyverns with Blue Wyvern eggs.

Ice Wyvern

Ice Wyverns are similar to Fire Wyverns by they have a wider jaw. Be warned that these are violent flying creatures that are looking for a fight. Approach them with caution.


At the coordinates 32.1,92.9. Here you will find the entrance to an aberration inside a waterfall. You need to follow the tunnel to the underground cave. If you are interested in learning about the different caves in the game then be sure to check out our cave locations guide.

Ark Valguero Creatures Locations Karkinos

At the end, you will find an area with pink crystals. This is the radiation area. You will find plenty of Karkinos in this area.

This marks the end of our Ark Valguero Creatures Locations Guide.