Ark: Survival Ascended, like its predecessor Ark: Survival Evolved, offers a range of console commands that can significantly alter your gameplay experience. These commands are especially useful in single-player mode or on private servers (dedicated, non-dedicated, or PC-hosted third-party servers). Here’s a detailed guide on how to use these commands by opening the command console in Ark Survival Ascended.

  1. Start the Game: Launch Ark: Survival Ascended.
  2. Access Settings: Once in the game, open the menu and navigate to the settings.
  3. Enable Console Access:
    • Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab.
    • Find the ‘Console Access’ option and turn it ‘On’. This option is located in the column on the left.
  4. Exit the Menu: After enabling console access, exit the menu to return to the game.

Opening the Console Command Bar

Activate the Console: Press the ~ key (tilde) to open the Console Command bar. This is the standard key for PC users. For console players:

  • PlayStation: Press R1 + L1 + Square + Triangle.
  • Xbox: Press RB + LB + X + Y.

Type in your desired command and press Enter to execute it. Commands should be entered without the angle brackets (<, >) often used in documentation to indicate where to insert your specific values or text.

If you are not on your own server, ensure you have the correct permissions to use console commands. This might require an admin password, which can be found in the server settings.

command console settings in Ark Survival Ascended.

Common Console Commands

Here are some useful commands to enhance your gameplay:

  • addexperience <number>: Add experience points to your character.
  • changesize <value>: Change your character’s size.
  • dotame: Tame the targeted dinosaur.
  • enemyinvisible: Become invisible to enemies.
  • fly: Enable flying mode.
  • forcetame: Instantly tame and ride a targeted dinosaur without a saddle.
  • giveallmeat: Spawn all types of meat.
  • givearmorset <tier> <quality>: Spawn an armor set of specified tier and quality.
  • giveengrams: Unlock all crafting recipes.
  • infinitestats: Get unlimited food, water, oxygen, and stamina.
  • leavemealone: Activate God mode.
  • settimeofday <hh:mm>: Set the in-game time.
  • summon <type>: Summon a specific type of creature.
  • teleport: Engage in unstoppable forward movement.
  • toggleinfiniteammo: Get unlimited ammunition.

Use commands in a single-player game first to understand their effects without risking your multiplayer gameplay. Before using commands that significantly alter the game, consider backing up your save file. Overuse of commands can diminish the challenge of beating bosses, and looting all caves for resources. Use them to enhance your experience, not to bypass all gameplay.