Console commands in Ark: Survival Ascended are special cheat codes or keywords that allow players to modify the game in real-time. These commands can be used for a variety of purposes, from spawning items and creatures to changing the game environment. Whether you’re looking to test your skills in different settings, troubleshoot issues, or just want to see what it’s like to fly around the map, console commands offer a gateway to a whole new level of interaction with the game.


In this guide, we’ll delve into console commands in Ark: Survival Ascended. We’ll cover everything from how to open command console and use these commands to a comprehensive list of what each command does. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, understanding how to use these console commands can greatly enhance your gaming experience in Ark Survival Ascended.

How To Open Command Console On PC, Xbox, And PlayStation

  1. Start the Game: Launch Ark: Survival Ascended.
  2. Access Settings: Once in the game, open the menu and navigate to the settings.
  3. Enable Console Access:
    • Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab.
    • Find the ‘Console Access’ option and turn it ‘On’. This option is located in the column on the left.
  4. Exit the Menu: After enabling console access, exit the menu to return to the game.

Opening the Console Command Bar

Press the ~ key (tilde) to open the Console Command bar. This is the standard key for PC users. For console players:

  • PlayStation: Press R1 + L1 + Square + Triangle.
  • Xbox: Press RB + LB + X + Y.

Type in your desired command and press Enter to execute it. Commands should be entered without the angle brackets (<, >) often used in documentation to indicate where to insert your specific values or text.

Ark Survival Ascended Cheat Codes List

Cheat CodeWhat It Does
setcheatplayer true or falseEntering “true” activates cheat commands, while entering “false” deactivates them.
admincheat addexperience <how much=”” to=”” add=””><from tribe=”” share=””></from></how>

<prevent sharing=”” with=”” tribe=”” (1=”” -=”” only=”” you,=”” 2=”” share=”” tribe)=””></prevent>

Example: admincheat addexperience 50000 0 1
This cheat can be used to level up yourself, your tribe, or a dinosaur (use while mounted on the dino/creature), utilizing experience to gain levels and unlock engrams.
admincheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <steamid> or <psn id=””> or <xbox id=””></xbox></psn></steamid>

admincheat DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <steamid> or <psn id=””> or <xbox id=””></xbox></psn></steamid>
This command either grants or revokes a player’s access to the server whitelist. Players on the whitelist can enter the server without needing to input a password.
admincheat BanPlayer <steamid> or <psn id=””> or <xbox id=””><</xbox></psn></steamid>This console command places the chosen player on a ban list, causing the server to become invisible to them in the console’s server menu.
admincheat Broadcast <enter message=”” here=””></enter>A message will be broadcasted on the screen, visible to all players currently on the server.
ChangeSize <size multiplier=”” value=””></size>This command modifies your character’s size, making them larger or smaller. Changing this value may lead to issues like clipping, sinking, or mobility glitches similar to rubber banding. To reset your character’s size to normal, just enter the value “1”.
ClearPlayerInventory <player id=””><clearinventory><clearslotitems><clearequippeditems></clearequippeditems></clearslotitems></clearinventory></player>

ClearPlayerInventory <playerid> ClearEquippedItems</playerid>
To clear specific aspects of a player’s profile, you can use their Steam, PSN, or Xbox ID along with the relevant “clear” tags. For instance, if you wish to clear only the player’s equipped items, you would input the appropriate command with the specific tag for equipped items.
DebugStructuresWhen you look at a building or structure, this command will display its information and ID.
admincheat DestroyAll <type></type>To target a specific dinosaur type, such as Troodons, for destruction, you would input the unique code or line for that dino in place of <type>. For instance, to destroy all Troodons, you would replace </type> with the specific code for Troodons.

admincheat DetroyAll Troodon_Character_BP_C
admincheat destroy allenemiesThis command will eliminate all creatures, both wild and tamed, that are not owned by the player who executes the command.
admincheat DestroyMyTargetUpon entering this admin command, whatever your character’s crosshairs are targeting will be instantly destroyed, leaving no corpse or remains.
admincheat DestroyStructuresThis command will instantly destroy all structures on the map owned by any player. Use it with caution!
admincheat DestroyTribeDinosThis command will destroy all dinosaurs associated with the player or character you are currently looking at, including those belonging to different members of their tribe.
admincheat DestroyTribePlayersThis command will result in the destruction of all tribe members associated with the player or character you are currently looking at.
admincheat DetroyTribeStructuresThis cheat code will lead to the destruction of all tribe structures associated with the player or character you are currently observing, including those owned by various members of the tribe.
admincheat DestroyWildDinosThis is particularly useful in situations where servers become overpopulated or underpopulated with certain types of dinosaurs. It’s important to execute this after making any changes to wild dinosaur behavior or stats, to ensure that the alterations are effectively implemented.
admincheat DisableSpectatorWhen a player enters spectator mode, their character dies. Consequently, upon disabling spectator mode and logging out, you will be presented with the respawn menu.
admincheat DoExitExecuting this command will result in the shutdown of the server you are currently on.
admincheat DoRestartLevelIt triggers an internal restart of the map.
admincheat EnemyInvisible true or falseWhen set to true, this command makes all wild dinosaurs non-aggressive; they won’t attack you on sight and will not retaliate even if you hit or shoot them. Setting it to false will disable this ‘enemy invisibility’ and revert to the normal behavior settings.
admincheat ExecSetSleeping true or falseSetting it to “true” will put a player to sleep, while “false” will wake them up.
admincheat flyThis command enables the player to fly around the map, moving freely without the constraints of gravity or in-game physics. Using the (Walk) command will cancel this flying ability, causing you to fall, so make sure you’re close to the ground before disabling it.
admincheat ForceTameThis cheat allows you to tames any dinosaur or creature that is directly in front and within your crosshairs. Tamed dinos do not require a saddle to be ridden. However, the downside is that riding without a saddle results in a significant reduction in armor.
ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe <player id=””></player>This command compels a player, identified by their player ID, to instantly join the tribe at which you are looking. You can target either the tribe’s structures or its players, and the specified player will be forced to join that tribe immediately.
ForcePlayerToJoinTribe <player id=””><tribename></tribename></player>This command forces the player, identified by the Player ID provided, to join the tribe specified within the admin command.
ForceTribe <playername1><playername2><newtribename></newtribename></playername2></playername1>This admin command, while somewhat less understood and reportedly temperamental, is intended to force the two players named in the command to join a new tribe, also specified within the command.
GameCommand <thecommand></thecommand>

Example: cheat gamecommand startgame
This command is utilized to trigger or activate a game command, such as running a map or starting a new game mode. While it might be more convenient to execute this from the back-end admin settings, using it directly in-game will have the same effect.
getchatThis command allows the admin to view all the game chat, similar to what is displayed in the in-game chat box for all players.
GetAllState <type></type>This command prints all admin entries to the console and also logs them in the “shootergame.log” file. These entries can be manually reviewed again through the admin control page, accessible on console, PC, or via a third-party provider.
In the <type> section of the command, you input the specific item, dinosaur, or command line you wish to view. For example, to see information about the Dodo, you would use:
admincheat getallstate Dodo_character_BP_C
GetGameLogThis command functions similarly to the “Get Chat” or “Get All States” commands. It records and displays all significant game log events, including server restarts, stops, and starts, in the “.log” or “servergamelogs” files. These logs can be accessed and printed from a PC and are also available for review in the admin settings control page.
GFIUse the GFI command followed by the name of the item, dino, or structure you want to spawn. It’s a quicker but less precise way to spawn items or dinos. If the word you use doesn’t yield the desired item, try a different variation of that word or another term from the item’s title. For instance, to spawn a long neck rifle, you would enter:

cheat GFI longneck 15 0 1

In this command:

The first number represents the quality.
The second number is the quantity or amount.
The third number indicates whether you want a blueprint (0) or the actual item (1).
admincheat ghostThis cheat enables the user to move freely around the map, ignoring collision barriers and physical objects in the game world. This means you can pass through structures, dinosaurs, buildings, and even the terrain itself. The command can be disabled and normal movement restored by using the walk command.
giveallstructureThis console command grants the user ownership of all tribe or player structures that are currently within their crosshairs, effectively transferring control of the structures they are looking at.
givecolors <quantity></quantity>This command will add a specified quantity of every in-game dye/color to the user’s inventory. You simply replace <quantity> with the desired amount of each dye you want to receive.
admincheat giveengramsUnlocks all engrams in the game for the player or user who enters it.
GiveExpToPlayer <playerid><amount><fromtribeshare><sharewithtribe></sharewithtribe></fromtribeshare></amount></playerid>This command grants a specified amount of experience to a particular player, identified by their <player steamid=””>. You only need to include <fromtribeshare> in the command line if you intend to use this feature. In the <sharewithtribe> section, entering 0 will share the experience with the tribe, while 1 will not. However, it’s important to note that this is only effective when giving experience to another player. If you want to apply experience to yourself or to a mount (while riding it), you should use the AddExperience command instead.</sharewithtribe></fromtribeshare></player>.
GiveItem <blueprintpath><quantity><quality><forceblueprint></forceblueprint></quality></quantity></blueprintpath>To add a specific blueprint to a player’s inventory, use this command with the option to set both quality and quantity. The last input number under <forceblueprint> determines whether the item added is a blueprint or not: entering 1 will add the blueprint, while 0 will add the item itself instead of the blueprint.</forceblueprint>
giveitemnum <itemnumber><quantity><quality><forceblueprint></forceblueprint></quality></quantity></itemnumber>

Example: admincheat GiveItemNum 132 10 1 0
To add a specific item directly into the player’s inventory using its Item Number, use this command with the <forceblueprint> parameter. In <forceblueprint>, entering 1 will add the blueprint of the item, while 0 will add the actual item.

For example, if you wanted to spawn a longneck rifle, you would input the command with the appropriate Item Number for the longneck rifle, followed by your desired quantity, quality, and either 0 (for the item) or 1 (for the blueprint) in the <forceblueprint> section.</forceblueprint>
GiveItemToPlayer <playerid><blueprintpath><quanitty><quality><forceblueprint></forceblueprint></quality></quanitty></blueprintpath></playerid>This command provides a specific item or blueprint to the player, identified by the <playerid> entered into the command bar. You simply specify the player’s ID along with the details of the item or blueprint you wish to give them.
admincheat giveresourcesThis command will deposit 50 units of every resource available in the game into the user’s inventory. It’s important to be aware that this could quickly overburden you if your weight capacity is not enhanced to above 300+ or if you haven’t increased it through admin commands.
GiveSlotItem <blueprintpath><slotnumber><quantity></quantity></slotnumber></blueprintpath>This cheat allows you to add an item directly to a specified hotbar slot, numbered from 0 to 9, based on the <blueprintpath> of the item. You just need to input the blueprint path of the item and the number of the hotbar slot where you want the item to be placed.
GiveSlotItemNum <itemnum><slotnumber><quantity></quantity></slotnumber></itemnum>This command adds an item to a specific hotbar slot, numbered from 0 to 9, based on the <itemnum>. You simply input the item number corresponding to the desired item and specify the hotbar slot where you want the item to be placed.
GiveToMeThis command transfers the ownership of the targeted dinosaur, item, structure, or building to the user who executes it. However, when used on a dinosaur, while the ownership will transfer, the dinosaur will not be accessible or rideable unless a taming command (such as forcetame or dotame) is also applied.
GMBuffThis command grants the user a combination of powerful abilities: Infinite stats, Enemy Invisible mode, and God mode. Additionally, it provides experience to their player character.
GMSummon <“type”><level></level>This command spawns a dinosaur at the specified level, effectively combining the effects of summoning a dino (using the summon command) and taming it (using dotame), though you’ll still need a saddle to ride it.
For instance, if you want to spawn a level 50 raptor, you would input:

GMSummon "Raptor_Character_BP_C" 50
admincheat godUpon entering this command, the player becomes immune to damage from other players, dinosaurs/creatures, explosions, weapons, and even fall damage. However, it’s important to note that they can still suffer damage from natural elements like drowning, hunger, thirst, and similar environmental hazards.
HideTutorial <tutorialindex></tutorialindex>This Ark Survival Ascended cheat is used to hide the tutorial that appears based on the index number provided when the “ShowTutorial” command was previously executed.
HurtMe <amount></amount>

Example: admincheat HurtMe 125
This command inflicts damage on the player based on the input amount. Therefore, if you want to harm or kill your character, you would input a number that matches or exceeds your total health.
admincheat infinitestatsUpon entering this command, it grants infinite stats for food, water, weight, and stamina. Additionally, you will not receive any torpidity from attacks or dinosaurs.
Kickplayer <player steamid=””></player>This command will remove a player from the current game server, based on the ID that is entered into the command input bar.
KillThis command instantly kills the targeted dinosaur/creature, building, player, or structure that is within your crosshairs. It’s important to note that using this command will leave a corpse behind. To fully “kill” and leave no remains, you should use the “DestroyMyTarget” admin command.
KillPlayer <player steamid=””></player>Upon entering this command, the specified player, identified by their <player steamid=””>, will be killed.</player>
LeaveMeAloneThis command is a combination of God Mode, Enemy Invisible, and Infinite Stats. It renders you impervious to any form of harm or effect from dinosaurs, players, creatures, environmental elements, or conditions in the game.
ListPlayersDisplays a list of all players currently connected to the server, and it also provides their <player steam=”” id=””>, allowing you to identify each player uniquely.</player>
MakeTribeAdminElevates you to the position of an admin within a tribe, even if you were not the original creator of that tribe. However, for this command to work, you must already be a member of the tribe in question.
MakeTribeFounderDesignates you as the founder of the tribe you are currently a member of, regardless of whether you were the original creator of the tribe.
OnToggleInGameMenuCheat codes’ functions is to open or close the in-game menu, which is typically accessed on the PC version by pressing the Escape key.
OpenMap <mapname></mapname>To open a specific map in the game, you use the command with the desired map’s name specified in <mapname>. For instance, if you want to open the Ragnarok Map, you would type:

OpenMap Ragnarok
admincheat Players OnlyWhen this command is activated, players retain their ability to move, but all dinosaurs/creatures and even crafting or item processes will be suspended or “frozen.” This state of suspension will remain until the command is entered again into the command bar, resuming normal activity.
PrintColorsThis command prints out the Color IDs, which can be saved to the console. However, it’s important to note that this functionality is only effective on the PC version of the game.
RemoveTribeAdminDemotes the current tribe admin of your tribe, reducing their status to that of a regular member within the tribe.
RenamePlayer <playerid><newname></newname></playerid>Changes the in-game display name of a player based on their <player steamid=””>. It’s a fun way to alter how a player’s name appears in the game, but it’s important to note that this change is purely visual and does not affect any other element or property of their game experience.</player>.
RenameTribe <tribename><newname></newname></tribename>Changes the in-game display name of a tribe based on their <tribename>. It’s a playful way to alter the appearance of a tribe’s name within the game. However, this modification is purely visual and does not impact any other aspect or property of their gameplay.
RequestSpectator <password></password>The password for spectator mode is established by the server owner or main admin and can be activated or modified on the server settings page. Once the correct password is entered, it enables the request for entering spectator mode.
admincheat saveworld Executes a save operation, ensuring that all game settings and current instances are saved.
SpiritCommand <commandstring></commandstring>Cheat code exclusively for mod authors and is currently not usable in single-player mode or on private servers. The necessary command scripts are only accessible to developers, limiting its use to those with specific development privileges.
SDF <dragon_<a href”.=”” character”=”” rel”mw:wikilink”=””>Character_BP_C><tamed></tamed></dragon_<a>This command spawns a dinosaur or creature with a random level.

In the <namepart> section, you input either a part or the full name of the specified dinosaur. In the <tames> section, enter ‘1’ for a tamed dinosaur or ‘0’ for a wild one.

For example, to spawn a randomly leveled tamed Gigantosaur, you would type:

sdf giga 1
ServerChat <messagetext></messagetext>Broadcasts a server message to all players currently connected to the server, ensuring that everyone online receives the communicated information.
ServerChatToPlayer <player steamid=””><messagetext></messagetext></player>Sends and displays a message to a specific player, identified by their <playerid>. The message will be visible only to the player with the corresponding player ID.
SetAdminIcon “true” or “false”Toggles the visibility of the admin icon that appears in the in-game chat whenever an admin writes a message. It can be used to either add or remove this icon, depending on the current setting.
SetBabyAge <agevalue></agevalue>Sets the age of the baby dinosaur that is targeted (in the player’s crosshairs). The <agevalue> parameter can be set to any value ranging from 0.01 to 1, allowing for precise control over the baby dinosaur’s developmental stage.
SetFacialHairPercent <length></length>Adjusts the length of the character’s beard. The <length> value can be set anywhere between 0.01 and 1, allowing for a range of beard lengths from very short to full.
SetFacialHairStyle <number></number>This command alters the appearance of the character’s facial hair, with different numbers corresponding to various styles. The styles are as follows:

Default – The standard or basic facial hair style.
Moustache – A style featuring just the moustache.
Goatee – A small beard that doesn’t extend beyond the chin area.
Romantic – A more styled and possibly elaborate beard and moustache combination.
Dread Bears – A beard style with dreadlock-like features.
Mutton Chops – Facial hair that extends from the hairline down the cheeks and often around the chin.
Curly Beard – A beard style characterized by curls.
Viking Beard – A robust and often longer beard style, reminiscent of historical Viking aesthetics.

To change the facial hair style, you would input the command followed by the corresponding number for the desired style.
SetGlobalPause <ispaused></ispaused>Cheat code will pause all in-game activities, effectively freezing everything within the game environment.
SetGodMode enableActivates God mode for the player who enters it, granting invulnerability. To toggle off God mode, simply enter the command again.
SetGraphicsQuality <quality></quality>Adjusts the in-game graphics and quality settings, but it’s important to note that it only affects the PC version of the game. To use this command, you specify the desired quality level in the <quality> parameter. (Low, Medium, High, Best/Epic).
SetHeadHairPercent <length></length>The command SetHeadHairPercent <length> is used to adjust the length of a character’s head hair in the game. The <length> parameter should be a value between 0 and 1, where 0 represents completely shaved or bald, and 1 represents the longest possible hair length. For example, SetHeadHairPercent 0.5 would set the character’s hair to half of its maximum length.

If you’re not on your server, you may need appropriate permissions to enter commands. This can involve entering an admin password, which can be found in the server settings. If the console doesn’t open, double-check that you’ve enabled Console Access in the settings. Also, ensure that your keyboard layout or key bindings haven’t been altered.

Be mindful of the exact syntax required for each command, as incorrect input can lead to the command not working in Ark Survival Ascended.