To find Wyvern Eggs locations we have to go World Scar in Ark Scorched Earth. It’s a special area where Wyverns breed and live. The World Scar is a mountainous region that stretches across the map, and it’s where you’ll find many Wyvern nests.


To reach the World Scar, go to coordinates 70 LAT and 20 LON. That will take you to the base of the mountain. As you explore this area, you’ll come across a long trench surrounded by black basalt columns. At the bottom, there’s a river of red glowing lava. This trench is the heart of the World Scar, and it’s full of Wyvern nests and, of course, the valuable Wyvern Eggs.

Ark Scorched Earth World Scar Map Location.

Ark Scorched Earth Wyvern Eggs Locations

In the World Scar, you’ll find four types of Wyvern Eggs: Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Ice. Each egg corresponds to a specific element and can be used to hatch a baby Wyvern with that elemental affinity. It’s important to know the type of egg you have because it determines the kind of Wyvern you’ll get.

Here’s where you can find each type of Wyvern Egg:

  • Fire Wyvern Eggs Location: Look for nests with red coloring. These eggs are scattered throughout the World Scar.
  • Lightning Wyvern Eggs Location: Search for nests with blue coloring. These eggs are also spread across the World Scar.
  • Poison Wyvern Eggs Location: Identify nests with green coloring. Be careful and wear a gas mask when collecting these eggs.
  • Ice Wyvern Eggs Location: Find nests with white coloring. These eggs are in the snowy parts of the World Scar.
Ark Scorched Earth Wyvern in-game render.

How to Get Wyvern Eggs in Ark Scorched Earth

Now that you know where to find Wyvern Eggs in Ark Scorched Earth, it’s time to steal them. Wyverns are very protective of their eggs, and they will attack anyone who tries to take them. You need to approach this task with caution.

When you approach a Wyvern nest, the mother Wyvern will become aggressive and swoop down to defend her eggs. There might even be powerful Alpha Fire Wyverns in the area, making the other Wyverns even more dangerous. To get a Wyvern Egg, you need to be well-prepared for the upcoming battle.

To improve your chances of success when stealing Wyvern Eggs, follow these important tips:

  • Choose the Right Mount: Use a fast flyer like a Pteranodon or a Griffin to navigate the challenging terrain of the World Scar. These agile creatures will give you an advantage when trying to escape from the pursuing Wyverns.
  • Equip Protective Gear: Wear a gas mask if you plan to collect Poison Wyvern Eggs. It will protect you from the dangerous toxins emitted by the eggs and the surrounding environment.
  • Create Distractions: If you’re feeling clever, set up traps or distractions near the nests. Tame creatures like Brontos or Mammoths can be strategically placed to divert the attention of the Wyverns. This will give you an opportunity to grab an egg and make your escape.

Utilize Turrets: If you’re playing on a server with few players or in single-player mode, setting up turrets near the nests can be a useful strategy. Plant Species X turrets or auto-turrets can distract or even eliminate the Wyverns, making it safer for you to collect the eggs.

How to Hatch Wyvern Eggs in Wyvern Eggs in Ark Scorched Earth

If you don’t plan to eat the Wyvern Eggs, hatching them is a rewarding option. However, it requires careful incubation and a significant amount of heat. To successfully hatch a Wyvern Egg, follow these steps:

  • Prepare a Heat Source: Arrange 14-15 campfires in a circle, placing the egg in the center. This will provide the necessary heat for incubation.
  • Monitor Temperature: Keep an eye on the temperature around the egg. If it gets too cold, add more heat sources like standing torches or additional campfires nearby to maintain the required warmth.
  • Feeding the Newborn Wyvern: After hatching, the baby Wyvern needs to be fed. Wyvern Milk, which can also be found in the World Scar, is the ideal food for the newborn. Make sure you have enough Wyvern Milk to nourish and take care of your newly hatched Wyvern.

That’s everything you need to know about Wyvern Eggs locations and how to hatch them. Need more help? See Scorched Earth Artifact Locations, Survival Tips.