Ark Scorched Earth expansion introduced a desert-themed map filled with unique challenges and treasures. Among these treasures are the artifacts, special collectible items that emit light and play a crucial role in summoning bosses at the Obelisk.


There are multiple artifacts in Ark Scorched Earth, and each has its own benefit and location where you can find it. In Total, there are three artifacts in Ark Scorched Earth.

  • Artifact of the Crag
  • Artifact of the Destroyer
  • Artifact of the Gamekeeper

Where to Find Artifact of the Crag

The first artifact we will discuss is the Artifact of the Crag. This artifact can be found in the mountainous region of Scorched Earth, inside a cave known as the Grave of the Tyrants. To reach the cave, head towards the Northern Mountain range near the Blue Obelisk. The entrance coordinates to the cave are (28.4, 29.4).

Ark Scorched Earth Artifact of the Crag Cave Location and Entrance.

As you venture into the Grave of the Tyrants, be prepared to face a variety of dangerous creatures such as Mantis, Onycs, and Arthropleura. The cave is not overly complex to navigate, but watch out for drop-offs that could pose a danger. It is recommended to wear Desert Gear to withstand the scorching heat inside the cave. The Artifact of the Crag awaits you at the end of the cave, specifically located at coordinates (35.2, 28.1).

Artifact of the Crag Location Map.

Artifact of the Crag Position Command: cheat setplayerpos -175500 -118900 7200

Where to Find Artifact of the Destroyer

Moving on to the next artifact, we have the Artifact of the Destroyer. This artifact can be found in the Ruins of Nosti, a cluster of ruins located in the desert region of Scorched Earth. To reach the cave entrance, head to the coordinates (78.3, 75.6), inside a temple building within the ruins.

Ark Scorched Earth Artifact of the Destroyer Cave Location and Entrance.

The Ruins of Nosti cave is known for its treacherous terrain and a plethora of dangers. Watch your step as you traverse through the cave, as there are numerous pitfalls that can lead to instant death and gear loss. Keep an eye out for creatures such as Rock Golems, Arthropleura, Titanoboas, and more. To withstand the extreme temperatures inside the cave, bring along Cactus Broth, Calien Soup, Shadow Steak Saute, and Medical Brews. The Artifact of the Destroyer can be found at the end of the cave, nestled in a hollow in front of some crystals at coordinates (79.8, 81.3).

Artifact of the Destroyer Location Map

Artifact of the Destroyer Position Command: cheat setplayerpos 250300 237800 -31000

Where to Find Artifact of the Gatekeeper

The final artifact we will uncover is the Artifact of the Gatekeeper. This artifact is located within the Old Tunnels cave, which can be accessed near the Central Canyons close to the Red Obelisk. The entrance to the cave can be found at coordinates (58.8, 47.9), marked by a low overhanging shelf of rock.

Ark Scorched Earth Artifact of the Gatekeeper Cave Location and Entrance.

As you venture into the Old Tunnels cave, be prepared to encounter a wide array of dangerous creatures including Achatina, Araneo, Arthropluera, Direwolf, Mantis, Megalania, Onyc, Pulmonoscorpius, Raptor, Rubble Golem, Sabertooth, and Titanoboa. The cave features narrow passages and chasms, so exercise caution to avoid falling to your demise. Just like the other caves, extreme temperatures are prevalent, so be sure to bring along the necessary potions and gear to survive. The Artifact of the Gatekeeper can be found on a pillar in the middle of a chasm at coordinates (58.2, 43.4).

Artifact of the Gatekeeper Location Map.

Artifact of the Gatekeeper Position Command: cheat setplayerpos -52700 66000 -27300

That’s everything you need to know about finding all artifact locations in Ark Scorched Earth. For more on Ark, see Scorched Earth Tips, and Weapons Crafting Recipes.