One of the key resources in Ark Ragranok is Salt, especially Raw Salt that is used for Preserving Salt for Mortar and Pestle. Just like other resources, Salt is found at various locations in the open world but unlike materials like Chitin, you don’t have to kill monsters to get it; although you might come across some creatures roaming around at Salt locations.

Before heading off to farm salt you need to get a pickaxe or an axe to extract it from salt pockets around the map. A normal pickaxe would do the job but we suggest getting a metal pickaxe. If you don’t have a metal pickaxe, use 1x Metal Ingot, 1x Wood or Fungal Wood, and 10x Hide to craft one.

Location #1Lat: 7, Lon: 4
Location #2Lat: 5, Lon: 9
Location #3Lat: 6, Lon: 9
Location #4Lat: 9, Lon: 7
Location #5Lat: 1, Lon: 6
Location #6Lat: 3, Lot: 8

If you don’t want to roam around the collect salt, you actually craft salt as well. All you need is a Handmill and crystals to craft as much salt as you want. Using salt, you can craft a bunch of items including but not limited to Biscuit Batter, Cake Batter, Cookie Dough, Cured Bacon, Gravy, Pancake Batter, Pizza Dough, Salted Prime Jerky, Tomato Juice and Sauce, and more.

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