Among the items you can farm in Ark Ragnarok is Chitin which is usually obtained from various creatures. But what makes Chitin more important compared to other resources? Well, Chitin is used to craft another highly sought-after material, cementing paste!

Location #1Lat: 26, Lon: 57
Location #2Lat: 28, Lon: 55
Location #3Lat: 20, Lon: 40

You can also gather some Chitin at the late near the top northwest section of the map. Make sure to bring a crossbow, grappling hook, and a pike. There are creatures in this area you can hunt and skin to get what you need.

Cementing Paste Recipe: 4x Chitin, 8x Stone or 16x Chitin, 32x Stone (Chemistry Bench). Cementing paste is used to craft a whole bunch of items including but not limited to Auto-Turrets, Fabricated Firearms, Fabricated Explosives, Grabbling Hook, Water Jar, Polymer, Night Vision Goggles, Remote Keypad, Saddles, Chain Bola, and more.

Chitin is found in the exoskeletons, beaks, and radulae of various creatures in Ark Ragnarok so you will have to slay quite a few beasts over time to maintain a healthy supply. That’s everything you need to know on how to get Chitin in Ark. Need more help? See Ark Guides Hub.