With the release of Ark Genesis, there are plenty of new weapons that you can craft. These include Tek Grenade Launcher, Cruise Missile, Tek Shoulder Cannon, Tek Claws and the Flaming Spear. In this Ark Genesis Weapons guide, we are going to walk you through how you can get these weapons in the game.

How To Get The New Weapons In Ark Genesis

The following is what you need to know about crafting the new weapons in Ark Genesis:

Weapon Description Resources Required Crafting Time
Tek Grenade Launcher This is a powerful new grenade launcher that can fire different types of grenades.
  • 180 × Polymer
  • 420 × Metal Ingot
  • 180 × Crystal
  • 40 × Element
  • 80 × Black Pearl
  • 60 × Electronics
  • 360 XP
12 seconds
Cruise Missile This Cruise Missile can be fired from a Cruise Missile Launcher.
Tek Shoulder Cannon Heavy primary weapon powered by elements. Can be used as a shield.
  • 240 × Polymer
  • 900 × Metal Ingot
  • 240 × Crystal
  • 100 × Element
  • 100 × Black Pearl
  • 100 XP
5 seconds
Tek Claws A holographic low range melee weapon with limited range. The damage of claws increases over time.
  • 160 × Polymer
  • 180 × Metal Ingot
  • 184 × Crystal
  • 28 × Element
  • 52 × Black Pearl
  • 360 XP
15 seconds
Flaming Spear A melee weapon that can also be thrown. The range is fairly limited. Can be broken when used.
  • 8 × Wood
  • 2 × Flint
  • 12 × Fiber

This is how you can craft all the different weapons that are available as part of the new DLC.

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