Ark Genesis Tek Replicator Guide: How To Unlock The Tek Replicator

Ark Genesis Tek Replicator

In this guide, we will discuss how to unlock the Tek Replicator in Ark Genesis. The replicator is a device that enables you to craft various Tek items, along with the Tek Hover Skiff, in the game. Similar to the Hover Skiff, you need to get your hands on the Tekgram first in order to have the Replicator. Your victory in the final boss fight is the key to it.

Obtaining the Tek Replicator

In order to acquire the Tekgram, defeat the final boss the Corrupted Master Controller, and he will drop it once you manage to kill him. To play this mission use HLNA to choose the Final Test (Gamma) mission. Once you possess the Tekgram it will allow you access to the Tek Replicator.

You will also receive the Tekgram for the Hover Skiff upon defeating the final boss. To access the Replicator, open the Hexagon Exchange Tab in HLNA. Once there, click on either the red or the yellow loot crate. You will get your Tek Replicator in the loot crate at the cost of 25k.

Ark Genesis Tek Replicator

For the time being, you are informed in the game that you will need to craft the Replicator with the help of a Supply crate and additional material, however, the feature is not yet active in the actual gameplay. Therefore, the red or yellow loot crates are your only source of finding the Replicator.

These were all the details we could fill you in about this much-coveted device in the game. Grab hold of it and enjoy your Ark adventure!

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