The Tek Hover Skiff has been introduced in Ark Genesis, which is a very trusty and useful new transport available in this recent expansion of the game. The Tech Hover Skiff is a handy way to travel from one place to another not just for the player but also for their creatures.

Do keep in mind though that the Skiff cannot be obtained in the beginning. It is only available after you defeat the final boss of the game. Although a bit difficult to attain, getting one gives you the perk of having a practical and cool transport at your beck and call through the game.

Following is the way you can possess this trendy, efficient Tek Hover Skiff.

Obtaining the Tek Hover Skiff

As mentioned above you first need to mow down the final boss of Ark Genesis. Killing the Corrupted Master Controller will allow you to receive the Tekgram required for the Skiff. You will be able to view the Tekgram in your inventory, and also in the Genesis tab.

After the Tekgram has been obtained, the only thing left for you to do is to craft the Hover Skiff. For this, you will need the assistance of the Tek Replicator and some resource material. Here is a list of the materials you will need:

  • Electronics (268)
  • Crystal (60)
  • Metal Ingot (4100)
  • Polymer (372)
  • Oil (62)

When you have collected all the materials given above, just leave the inventory and go behind the Tek Replicator where you will find your gorgeous newly crafted Tek Hover Skiff!

The Flying Process

The Tek Hover Skiff is basically energized by fuel. The fuel it needs is the Element, which is not a difficult resource to find on the new map of Genesis. However, the Hover Skiff consumes quite a large quantity of Element in a brief period, so you need to have the fuel stored when you are attempting trips that are longer. To monitor the consumption of fuel, keep an eye on the fuel while you move higher or with increased speed.

Now there are two modes the Skiff can fly on, the first being a hover upon low altitude, and the second one is the flying mode that you can maintain on a higher altitude. The low altitude mode is a pretty efficient way to consume your vehicle’s fuel.

When the vehicle is on a flight at higher speed and altitude then it uses up a lot of Element. In order to avoid this, store up enough Element to last you through long distances. It is also recommended that if you add 100 Element it can give you a convenient amount of flying time on your Skiff.

Other Features of the Tek Hover Skiff

The Skiff also sports an extremely convenient Tractor Beam mode, which means you can use your vehicle to transport creatures to your desired destination. But be warned that the larger and heavier your creature is, it will cause consumption of that much fuel.

You also have headlights in the Skiff for nighttime adventures, which is a cool touch. The Tek Hover Skiff is repairable so if it gets damaged in any way, you can fix it without the need of any materials. Simply wait for some seconds and your vehicle will magically repair the damage it has gone through!

That is all for our Ark Genesis Tek Hover Skiff guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can unlock the Tek replicator. You can also check out our Ark guides hub for more content.

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