Ark Genesis, just like the base game, allows you to create a ton of structures. There are multiple functions of these structures but make sure you build them at a well-hidden location to avoid raiders. Ark Genesis has different types of structures you can create so in our guide we’ll discuss everything we know about buildings structures and their types.


Ark Genesis Structures

In Ark Genesis, there are 6 types of structures you can build. We will start by discussing Ocean Platforms.

Wood Ocean Platform

There are two types of platforms in Ark and one of them is the Wood Ocean Platform. This type of platform is a bit smaller compared to the other one, which is Metal, and you’ll need quite a lot of wood to build it. The platform is pretty useful if your base location doesn’t have a lot of space to spare. You can build this at level 25 with ease.

Metal Ocean Platform

This is the second type of Ocean platform structure in Ark Genesis. Compared to wood these structures require more items to build. Moreover, you can only build this structure at level 53.  What you need to keep in mind is that in order to place this structure the water should be fairly deep and you must not be in a mission area.

Tek Jump Pad

If you are looking for a tool to help you jump higher, then this is the right Ark Genesis Structure for you. The pan can be placed where you want, just make sure there is enough space for it. Once the structure is built, you can jump higher to reach areas that may not be accessible otherwise.

Unassembled TEK Hover Skiff

As the name suggests, the Hover Skiff allows you to Hover and fly as well. This is one of the structures on Ark Genesis that are used to transport. You use it to carry small to medium creatures as well.

Tek Sensor

It is a sensor that allows you to keep track of other players and creatures in the area. It has a set radius in which it detects movements and reports back to you. You can place the Tek Sensor as strategic locations according to your needs.

Tek Pressure Plate

Similar to the Tek Sensor the Tek Pressure Plate also helps you detect survivors and creatures. As soon as the plate detects pressure, it reports back to you. For it to work, the creature and survivor must step on it so place it where you think it’ll work best. We recommend near your base location.