Ark Genesis Mining Drill Guide: How To Unlock And Use

Ark Genesis Mining Drill

The mining drill is a high-level harvesting tool that has been made available for the players in Ark. It is pretty hard to manufacture but it is worth all the effort you put in it. This guide will be sharing with you all the info you need to have on the mining drill, in Ark Genesis.

Ark Genesis Mining Drill

First thing to keep in mind is that you will need to be Level 80 to craft the Mining Drill. You will need to go to your Engrams, after making sure that your Genesis Engrams are also toggled on, scroll all the way down to Level 80 and there you will come upon the Mining Drill.

The Drill requires black pearls, cementing paste, crystal, metal ingots and polymer to manufacture. Most of these items are not that difficult to get except the black pearls. If you cannot get hold of them then it is wiser to just purchase them using Hexagons. Once you have all the ingredients, all you have to do is manufacture them in the weapons tab of the fabricator, and there you have it. Your very own Mining Drill.

Moving on to some details about the Drill itself, this tool is basically a jack of all trades and it is best for harvesting pretty much everything. As long as you have Gasoline in your inventory, and the Mining Drill equipped on your Hotbar, you can gather almost anything that you want during the gameplay.

Ark Genesis Mining Drill

The operating system of the Drill is pretty simple. Just approach the thing that needs to be harvested, fire up the Drill by right clicking, and then left click to harvest the required item. The Drill has a fairly limited range so you do need to be up close and personal with the thing that you want to harvest.

In comparison to the other in game tools, such as the Mining Pick, the Drill works pretty efficiently. For example, if you are harvesting a tree with a Pick then you get 29 thatch out of it, while the Mining Drill can get you 247 thatch out of it. So basically with the Drill, you are getting ten times the number of resources. Although this is not consistent with all the available resources, it is definitely a more effective way of harvesting than any other tool.

Another benefit of the Drill is, that it is quite an excellent weapon against passive creatures. However, it is not very ideal against the creatures which are aggressive. They are basically immune to it.

However, where Harvesting or Mining is concerned, this Drill is the best option that you have. You can use it for metal or ore, or any other thing that strikes your fancy. It is a ton of fun and you can even explore newer ways to use it! That is all for our Ark Genesis Mining Drill guide. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can beat the final boss.

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