Ark Genesis is out now with new creatures for you to tame, new locations, and a new map for you to explore. There are a number of base locations in the new expansion but some of them are hidden. In our Ark Genesis Hidden Bases Locations guide, we will give you the exact coordinates of the hidden base locations.

The guide will help you build your base in the best possible location. Of course, the best location depends on your preferences in Ark: Genesis.

Ark: Genesis Hidden Bases Locations

In this section of the page, we’ll discuss the Hidden Base Locations coordinates such as latitude and longitude.

North East Hidden Bases

14 LAT, 71 LON

There is only one hidden base location on the North East section of the new Ark Genesis map. When you reach the location you can easily make structures as there is enough room to get creative. The best part about this hidden base in Ark: Genesis is the fact that it’s secure and really hard to find for anyone who doesn’t have the coordinates. It is a properly enclosed space with ample room for your base structures.

South West Hidden Bases

There are two hidden base locations in the South West side of the map.

74 LAT, 31 LON

The cave is in the snowy mountains where you can find some very interesting creatures and resources. The base location is pretty damn high which means it is hard to mess with. You can create your structure toward the skybox, or within the mountain.

66 LAT, 22 LON

This hidden base location in the South West is probably the most secure and well hidden. It is also in the Snowy Mountains and due to the rough terrain in this area, it allows your defenses to be strong. Of course, this also means that you’ll find it hard to reach this area but once you do, you’re going to love this campsite. Raiders will find is hard to reach this hidden location so fewer threats to your base in Ark Genesis. Those who do come for you, they’ll be at a disadvantage since you have the high ground.

North Hidden Bases

There are two hidden base locations in the Northside of the map.

18 LAT, 60 LON

If you like to be near the water than this base location is for you. Head to 18 LAT, 60 LON and you’ll find a very nice spot to build your base structure on a secret a spot. For added security, you can make sure you pick a spot that’s covered from the top.

17 LAT, 60 LON

Head through the water to reach an underwater cave which is a great hidden base location for your structures. Just like the snowy mountains, this area is also extremely hard to find. You will be protected from any and all raiders in the area thanks to a ton of mesh to help you hide the base.

East Hidden Bases

There is only one base located in the Eastside of the Ark: Genesis map.

38 LAT, 77 LON

You must head to the Magma Biome this is the perfect spot for you to hide your base structures. You can consider this to be a supervillain kind of a location, a very Bond villain feel here.

And that’ll be all, start building your hidden bases in Ark Genesis using these locations.

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