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ARK Genesis Genesis Chronicles Locations Guide: Where To Find Them All

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Genesis Chronicles are collectibles in ARK Genesis that can earn you unique rewards but you will need to collect all of them. In this guide, we are going to walk you through where you can find all the Genesis Chronicles in ARK Genesis.

Where To Find All Genesis Chronicles In ARK Genesis

The following are the locations of all the Genesis Chronicles:

Chronicle Location Coordinates
Discovery 1 The Island – Lava Cave 68.7°, 85.9°
Discovery 2 The Island – Upper South Cave 70.4°, 59.3°
Discovery 3 The Island – Snow Cave 27.9°, 27.6°
Discovery 4 Scorched Earth – Old Tunnels 56.5°, 44.7°
Discovery 5 Scorched Earth – Ruins of Nosti 76.7°, 79.6°
Discovery 6 Scorched Earth – Northern Canyons 40.3°, 47.8°
Discovery 7 Scorched Earth – Southern East Badlands 57.0°, 56.2°
Discovery 8 Aberration – Luminous Marshlands 37.1°, 60.3°
Discovery 9 Aberration – The Spine 68.0°, 66.0°
Discovery 10 Aberration – Mushroom Forest 27.8°, 46.7°
Discovery 11 Aberration – The Surface – Northeast 28.1°, 76.2°
Discovery 12 Extinction – Wasteland 27.8°, 16.0°
Discovery 13 Extinction – Forbidden Zone 13.3°, 57.5°
Discovery 14 Extinction – Trench 53.4°, 76.5°
Discovery 15 Extinction – Sweeping Spires 84.8°, 16.1°

You will get Chronicle Unique Skins for getting every explorer note from these chronicles in ARK Genesis. You do need the Genesis Season Pass for this to work. The following is the breakdown of all the skins that you can earn:

  • Corrupted Avatar Helmet Skin  – Unlocked by collected Discovery #1-5
  • Corrupted Avatar Boots/Pants Skin -Unlocked by collected Discovery #6-10
  • Corrupted Avatar Gloves/Shirt Skin – Unlocked by collected Discovery #11-15

That is everything that you need to know about the chronicles in the game. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our tips and tricks guide. You can also check out our guide on how you can use the mining drill. Furthermore, we also have a guide on building ocean platforms.

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