The process of taming a Magmasaur in ARK Genesis is slightly different from other creatures. It works similar to taming Wyverns and Rock Drakes. In this guide, I’ll go over everything you need to know about how to tame a Magmasaur in the latest expansion of ARK: Survival Evolved, ARK Genesis.

Tame a Magmasaur in ARK Genesis

It isn’t possible to tame grown Magmasaurs directly. The only way of having a tamed Magmasaur is by stealing their eggs and incubating them. To find the Magmasaur eggs, you’ll need to head over to the Volcanic zone. From there, head to the top of the volcano and look for a cave entrance marked with purple crystals all around it.

You can find the entrance to the cave by following these coordinates:

  • 33.2 Latitude and 82.5 Longitude
  • 29.2 Latitude and 78.3 Longitude

Magmasaurs can hurl massive fiery projectiles at you so you’ll have to be careful when trying to retrieve one. A good idea is to have one player pull the creatures while the other one retrieves the eggs.

Once you’ve acquired an egg, it should incubate as any other egg in ARK: Survival Evolved. While raising them, you’ll need to feed them Ambergris that you should be able to farm in the Lunar biome. As for its preferred food, Magmasaurs like to eat Giant Bee Honey, Raw Meat, Stone, Cooked Meat, Raw Prime Meat, Vegetables, Cooked Prime Meat, and Berries.

Magmasaur Tips and Info.

Magmasaur in ARK Genesis is a fire-based creature with a strong affinity for lava. It can even swim in the lava without taking any damage, thanks to its heat-resistant saddle.

It can also act as a Refining Forge that you can use to smelt Metal, refine other resources, cook Raw Meat, and convert Condensed Gas into Congealed Gas Ball. It’s also capable of destroying wood or stone bases. On the other hand, it’s incredibly weak to water and cold temperatures.

This is how you can find and tame Magmasaur in ARK Genesis. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki guides.

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