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Ark Genesis Consumables Guide – Where to Find, Stats

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In addition to new creatures, resources, and hidden base locations, the new Ark Genesis DLC brings consumables to the table. There are four new consumables added to the game with the release of Genesis DLC. In our Ark Genesis Consumables guide, we will discuss their effects, stats, and where and how to find them.

Ark Genesis Consumables

As mentioned above, there are four new ones including Ambergris, Bloodstalker Egg, Magmasaur Egg, Megachelon Egg.


You can get Ambergris by mining spiked rock nodes in the Lunar Biome area. This Ark Genesis Consumable is used as food and comfort food for baby Magmasaurs. As far as we know, it isn’t used in any crafting recipes.

  • Type — Resource
  • Food –100
  • Health — (-10)
  • Spoils in — 20m
  • Weight — 0.1
  • Stack Size — 1

Bloodstalker Egg

These eggs are randomly dropped by Bloodstalkers and they are used as food or to make Superior Kibbles for taming creatures such as Allosaurus, Snow Owl, Woolly Rhino, Mammoth, Dire Bear, Direwolf, Megalosaurus, Plesiosaur, Castroides, and more. The egg is hatched to produce a baby Bloodsucker, however, if you pick up an egg in the presence of a Bloodsucker, it will attack you.

  • Type — Egg
  • Food — 50
  • Health — 50
  • Stamina — 50
  • Egg size — Large
  • Spoils in — 8d
  • Weight — 8
  • Stack Size — 100
  • Decomposes in — 30m

Magmasaur Egg

These eggs are one of the consumables on Ark Genesis and they are dropped randomly by Magmasaur. You can eat the Magmasaur Egg or craft Extraordinary Kibbles to tame Griffin, Megalania, Rock Elemental, Thylacoleo, and Yutyrannus. Egg hatches to produce baby Magmasaur but if you pick it up in the presence of a Magmasaur it will attack you.

  • Type — Egg
  • Food — 35
  • Health — 35
  • Stamina — 35
  • Egg size — Special
  • Spoils in — 8d
  • Weight — 50
  • Stack Size — 100
  • Decomposes in — 30m

Megachelon Egg

The egg is a random drop from the Megachelon. You can eat it or craft Exceptional Kibbles for taming Basilosaurus, Brontosaurus, Brontosaurus, Karkinos, Giganotosaurus, Rex, Spino, Quetzal, Therizinosaur. It hatches to produce bay Megachelon but if you pick it up in the presence of a Megachelon it will attack you.

  • Type — Egg
  • Food — 130
  • Health — 160
  • Stamina — 130
  • Egg size — Extra Large
  • Spoils in — 8d
  • Weight — 50
  • Stack Size — 100
  • Decomposes in — 30m

This marks the end of our Ark Genesis Consumables guide.

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