Part 1 of Ark Genesis expansion, gives you a whole new experience of hostile and harsh environments in the game, with particularly challenging biomes surrounding the player. You might find it difficult to survive for very long as a new player, however, fret not as we have your back. This Ark Genesis guide will fill you in on all the best starting zones that you can spawn yourself to, at the beginning of the game, so you can easily get yourself up and running.


Best Starting Zone In Ark Genesis

The following are the Best Starting Zones for Ark Genesis.

The Default Biome

By default, the game will recommend you the Bog Biome, as a non-complicated zone. However, this biome can be really tough to survive because of the large mobs that are present in that region.


What you need to do instead, is to begin your game, from the Bog Biome and then simply harvest every available basic resource. Once, you have obtained the pickaxe and hatchet, you are ready to move on.

Biome Which Should Be Your Starting Zone

Acquire your floating blue companion, HLN-A, and open its menu. Teleport yourself into the Ocean Biome, and choose any of the directions which are mentioned on the wheel. This will create a circle around you and will transport you and your pets, to the location you desire.

Ark Genesis Starting Zones


When you have teleported yourself to the Southern Island, there will be several resources at your disposal and the region has rather weak mobs, so you can deal with them quite easily. Once you have gathered all the resources available in the area, you can move on.

The next thing you need to do is teleport yourself to the seven remaining islands and harvest all the resources you find, to get yourself fully geared up. You simply need to follow all these steps, to ensure that you get enough gear to compete and survive through the more difficult levels of the game.

Genesis Biomes Are Tough

It is a fact that the recent expansion of Ark Genesis has a difficult map for the players to traverse through. Although the Bog Biome is suggested by default as an easy zone to start with, that is not at all true. The ocean biome is relatively easy as long as you stay out of the water.


The best way to survive through the game is to follow the tips we have given you above. You can go through the game at a slow and steady pace, and prepare yourself with the resources and creatures you need, before you face a boss, as even the minor ones will be pretty challenging.

That is all for our Ark Genesis Best Starting Zones guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you should check out our guide on where to find all the chronicles.