We have already discussed hidden base locations so now we think it is time to discuss the best Ark Genesis starting bases locations. In our Best Starting Base Locations guide, we will discuss all of the best locations for you to find.

For those starting in Ark Genesis, the best base locations guide is a must-read. You can use these locations to build structures at various points on the map.

Ark Genesis Best Bases Locations

In this section, we will share everything we know about the base locations of Ark Genesis.

Ocean Biome

In this area, you will find many different spots for base building. The location coordinates  16.9, 44.9 and here you will find a safe space to create your haven. Around the area, you will also find different resources such as wood, boulders, and met from dodos. You can also see a path leading to water sources.

Lava Biome

Next on our best bases locations is Lave Biome which is located at 14.6, 67.7. This is a resource-rich area where you can find many different resources, however, it is a bit tough to reach which is both good and bad. Raiders won’t be a big issue here and it is great for small to medium sizes bases for Ark Genesis players.

Arctic Biome

Arctic Biome is located at 79.0, 16.9  where a tight spot is waiting for you to set up a base. While tight, it offers plenty of protection from raiders and creatures. There isn’t much space here but you will find plenty of resources around the area.


This base location is at 54.9,67.4 and it is one of the best bases locations in Ark Genesis. It is safe, covered from above so nothing will come down to eat your face. There are resources nearby such as wood, stone, metal, etc. There is a huge tree in the middle and inside the base of the tree, you’ll find a water source.

Canopy (2)

Another great base location is at 63.2,65.9 but this one is out in the open so if you want to build a big base, this is your area. There is a huge tree in the middle and mostly flat land around it. You can find resources such as wood, metal, crystal, and stone in this area.

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