ARK Genesis has a lot of content and that is why there are a couple of tips and tricks that you should know about as you get into the game. This is out ARK Genesis beginners guide for everyone.


ARK Genesis Tips And Tricks For Everyone

The following are some tips and tricks for playing ARK Genesis if you are new to the game or just the DLC.

Start In The Oceans Biome

You should start in the ocean biome in ARK Genesis. You can start your adventure here relatively safely. There are only a few predators on land. There are a couple of predators in the water and you should not jump into it if you are not ready. The water is the hard part of the ocean biome so do keep that in mind.


ARK Genesis

You can teleport from one Biome to another by interacting with HLN-A. If you take damage during the teleportation animation then the teleportation will be canceled. Any allies around you will be teleported as well.

You Can Hide HLN-A

If you do not want to see HLN-A all the time then you can interact with her and hide her. She will go invisible. To see her again all you have to do is press T on PC.



Play With Friends

ARK Genesis encourages playing with other people so be sure to play with friends or tribe members. Otherwise, you are not going to get a lot of hexagons.

Canceling Missions


If you have started a mission and you think that you will not be able to complete it then you can open up your inventory, go to the missions section and cancel the mission.

What Are Glitches?

Glitches explain the background stories of different biomes and survivors. They are all different and they give you an XP boost as well.

Scan Creatures

You can press H and HLN-A will scan the creature that is in front of you. This will show you some useful information regarding the creature that you have scanned.

Mission Zones

You are not going to be able to build in mission zones.

Every Biome Has Hazards

Every biome is different and they all come with hazards. The environment can change over time. The ocean biome has cyclones and the snow biome can have avalanches. So, be careful.

What Are Hexagons?

Hexagons allow you to trade with HLN-A for resources. These eliminate early game farming. You will start off with ample hexagons to start a decent base. You can do missions in order to gain more hexagons.


Do Not Waste Time Farming Resources

You should not waste time farming resources. Go for the hexagons and trade with HLN-A to get the resources that you want. Go for the missions and glitches. Once you have ample resources, set up a base and then you can go tame beasts and explore other biomes.

Flyers Are Turned Off

Right now flyers are turned off but they will be enabled soon.

Tame Blood Stalker

Blood Stalkers are one of the easiest creatures to tame in the game. In the early game, this is what you should go for as a mount.

These are all the ARK Genesis tips and tricks that you should know about. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how to tame Magmasaur.