In Ark Fjordur, there are plenty of resources that you need to collect for crafting weapons and other tools. Obsidian is one such resource that you need to find in Ark Fjordur. Obsidians usually spawn in caves and on mountains. There is a total of eleven locations where you can find them easily.


Location #1: Search on the west side of the map whose longitude and latitude are

  • Latitude: 47.7
  • Longitude: 89.3

Location #2: Look for this one near the castle.

  • Latitude: 53.9
  • Longitude: 70.8

Location #3: Look for a pack of Obsidians on top of Helms

  • Latitude: 31.8
  • Longitude: 67.2

Location #4: This bunch will be in Redwoods.

  • Latitude: 09.6
  • Longitude: 94.7

Location #5: Search for obsidian in double mountains.

  • Latitude: 25.8
  • Longitude: 44.5

Location #6: Follow the coordinates of the mountains covered in snow.

  • Latitude: 22.1
  • Longitude: 32.1

Location #7: This one is also near the above location in snowy cliffs.

  • Latitude: 20.6
  • Longitude: 10.1

Location #8: This one is also in the snowy cliffs.

  • Latitude: 5.3
  • Longitude: 29.8

Location #9: A huge number of obsidian spawn at this location.

  • Latitude: 63.4
  • Longitude: 17.8

Location #10: This one is the most suitable location to farm obsidian that is in the Volcano Lava stream.

  • Latitude: 88.8
  • Longitude: 96.6

Location #11: Lastly, not a very large number will spawn here, but a considerate number will be there for you.

  • Latitude: 87.5
  • Longitude: 26.1

After knowing all these locations, it will now be easier for you to locate obsidian quickly without spending too much time discovering them. Need any more help regarding Ark Fjordur, visit our other articles Ark Fjordur Best Base Locations GuideArk Fjordur Console Commands and Cheat Codes Guide, and Ark Fjordur All Artifacts Locations Guide.