In the world of Ark Survival Evolved, there are a lot of different bosses that players can encounter. One of these is the Fenrisulfr, among the toughest bosses you will encounter in Ark Fjordur. This guide will provide everything you need to know about this boss, including how to beat it, its location, and the best strategy for taking it down.


Where To Find Fenrisulfr

There are three Obelisks in Ark Fjordur, and Fenrisulfr can be summoned to any of these locations. For example, between the 74.40 – 07.90 coordinates, you will find the blue Obelisk. To summon the boss, you need to offer three boss trophies: Mgapithecus, Broodmother, and Dragon Trophy.


The Megapithecus summoning terminal is found at “56.60 – 84.60 coordinates.” However, you won’t be able to summon the boss unless you get some specific material.

Summoning Material:

No Materials Quantity
1 Artifact of the Brute  x1
2 Artifact of the Devourer  x1
3 Steinbjorn Relic  x1
4 Artifact of the Pack x1
5 Therizino Claws x10
6 Thylacoleo Hook-Claw x10
7 Megalania Toxin x10
8 Megalodon Tooth x10
9 Spinosaurus Sail x10

Best Mount Against Megapithecus:

No Mount
1 Woolly Rhino
2 Yutyrannus
3 Rex
4 Daeodon
5 Kentrosaurus
6 Allosaurus
7 Deinonychu

Megapithecus Loot: 

Item No Item Name Quantity
1 Element x220
2 Gorilla Flag x1
3 Megapithecus Trophy x1 


At 57.30 – 65.80 coordinates in the cave, you will find the Broodmother. The following are the summon requirements for Broodmother.

Summoning Materials:

No. Materials Quantity
1 Argentavis Talon 10
2 Artifact of the Clever 1
3 Artifact of the Hunter 1
4 Artifact of the Massive 1
5 Beyla Relic (Boss Guide) 1
6 Sarcosuchus Skin 10
7 Sauropod Vertebra 10
8 Titanoboa Venom 10


You will find the dragon at 82.90 – 21.20 coordinates in the cave.

Summon Materials:

No. Materials Quantity
1 Allosaurus Brain 10
2 Artifact of the Cunning 1
3 Artifact of the Immune 1
4 Artifact of the Skylord 1
5 Artifact of the Strong 1
6 Basilosaurus Blubber 10
7 Giganotosaurus Heart 2
8 Hati Relic 1
9 Skil Relic 1
10 Tusoteuthis Tentacle 10
11 Tyrannosaurus Arm 15
12 Yutyrannus Lungs 10

How to Beat Fenrisulfr

No matter how hard a boss is, you can beat them using the right strategy. You can take down even the most powerful opponents by figuring out their weaknesses and exploiting them. So don’t give up – with enough planning and execution, you can come out on top against any challenge in the game, especially Fenrisulfr.

When it comes to Fenrisulfr, the key is to bring the right mounts to the fight. Although it has enormous HP, you can take it with the right mounts and strategy. Bring mounts like Deinonychus, Rex, Tek Rex, Yutyrannus, Daeodon, Shadowmanes and Spinosaurus.

Best Strategy Against Fenrisulfr

The Fenrisulfr is the king of ice, so don’t expect temperatures to be anything less than -30 degrees in the battle arena. To save yourself from getting frostbite, bring fur armor. The reasons I recommend the above mounts are as follows:

  • Daeodon: This mount is your healing partner in the battle.
  • Rex: This mount blocked the Fenrisulfr attack.
  • Tek Rexes: This mount is for group offense.
  • Deinonychus: This mount is best for a high amount of damage.
  • Shadowmanes and Spinosaurus: Good for getting hydration buffs.

Note: Maintain a safe distance from Fenrisulfr as he’s super fast.

Fenrisulfr uses ice attacks such as summoning spikes from the ground and an ice storm attack similar to Steinbjorn. On top of that, the boss unleashes a howl to generate armor and freeze nearby enemies, so please stay away during that time.

Among the best ways to beat Fenrisulfr is using the river for hydration buffs. Shadowmanes and Spinosaurus can help you get these buffs and use them to your advantage. Spinosaurus can help you deal with minions, and Shadowmanes has a good amount of armor.

Fenrisulfr Loot:

Item No Item Name Quantity
1 Element x500
2 Cryopod x1
3 Fenrisulfr Flag x1 
4 Fenrisulfr Trophy x1 

This is what you need to know about the Fenrisulfr boss in Ark Fjordur. You can also check out our guide covering all the cave locations.