Among the many notable bosses in Ark Fjordur is Beyla the Bee Queen. She is one of the early bosses you can summon through the Terminal, and Beyla can then lead to other tougher bosses in the game.


Beyla is a mini-boss with a base of 175000, 1250 Stamina, 150 Melee Damage, 1000 Movement Speed, and 1500 Torpidity. To summon Bee Queen Beyla, you must possess 30 runestones and be at least 50 or above.

Beyla’s location is LAT 04.2, LON 47.3, a Honey Cave. Take your runestones and put them on the altar to summon Beyla.

Best Strategy for Beyla Boss Fight

Before the boss fight begins, you must find a gas mask to deal with Beyla’s gas attacks. Although I recommend using a gull hazmat suit, a gas mask would work just fine. Inside Beyla’s cave, other enemies are much tougher than your usual open-world creatures, so you will be challenged even before the boss fight begins.

Clear the area of all enemies before summoning Beyla to avoid being overwhelmed by enemies. The fewer enemies you have, the better the outcome will be. For Beyla’s boss fight, use Yuty-8 boss mount as bait and aggro. When the boss fight starts, Beyla will aggro Yuty-8, and the latter will fight back, allowing you to attack.

Beyla has her own minions; many bugs will spawn alongside her, so it is best to deal with all of them while Beyla is busy with Yuty-8.

Beyla is quite easy to take down via ranged attacks, but if you get close, melee attacks work the best. That’s everything you need to know to successfully complete the Beyla boss fight in Ark Fjordur.