Apple Watch Saved Woman’s Life After Hospital ECG Failed to Catch Heart Condition

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is not new to saving the lives of its users thanks to its heart rate monitor and ECG features. The watch has done it again, this time saving the life of an 80-year-old woman, according to a report published by the EU Heart Journal.

The unnamed woman from Mainz Germany came to the University Medical Center Mainz feeling pretty lightheaded, chest pain, and irregular pulse. As a standard procedure, the doctors performed an ECG which surprisingly came back normal.

Apple Watch Saves a Life Again By Detecting What Hospital ECG Missed

The patient went on to show the attending doctor readings from her Apple Watch which showed ST-segment depression indicating severe coronary ischemia. Thankfully, the doctors took Apple Watch’s data seriously and ordered a heart catheterization. The result from her heart catheterization showed confirmed a severe coronary artery condition, a main stem stenosis, and a bifurcation lesion involving the left anterior descending artery.

Source: EU Heart Journal

The development of smart technologies paves the way for new diagnostic possibilities. In the case of the Apple watch, after the mobile application is installed, the records an ECG when a finger is placed on the watch’s digital crown. A 30-s tracing is stored in a PDF file that can be retrieved from the application.

Thus, the Apple watch may be used not only to detect atrial fibrillation or atrioventricular-conduction disturbances but also to detect myocardial ischaemia.

Due to the success and accuracy of Apple Watch’s life-saving features, Apple is working on more such features for Apple Watch Series 6. One feature that we know about is a pulse oximeter. The feature keeps an eye on the oxygen saturation level of a patient. Apple Watch’s feature can possibly provide an early warning sign for COVID-19.

It looks like an Apple a day keeps the doctors away!

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