When you think of the biggest gaming companies in the world, Apple isn’t the first company to come up. The company is popular for its iOS devices but its iOS gaming scene is low key.

It’s surprising to know that Apple has become the fourth biggest gaming company in the world. It’s ranked fourth biggest gaming company beating Nintendo and EA. Apple edged out Call of Duty creator Activision thanks to iOS games.

Apple made billions from its iPhone and iPad games in 2018. According to the latest Newzoo report, the tech giant made $9.4 billion last year from iOS mobile games.

Mobile games revenue from iPhone and iPad games is 32% up year-over-year. Won’t be surprising to see Apple’s iOS mobile games revenue go up to 45% this year.

Companies that outperformed Apple are Sony, Microsoft, and the Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent. Tencent is the biggest video games company in the world. The Chinese corporation has its finger dipped in many companies involved in the video games industry.

Tencent has shares in Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, Take-Two Interactive, and more. Google is 6th, Netease is 7th, EA is 8th, Nintendo and Bandai Namco shared the 10th spot. Others including Ubisoft, Take-Two, Warner Bros., and Konami fail to hit top 10.

Mobile gaming makes up for the majority of worldwide revenue of the gaming industry. The video games industry revenue expected to reach $152.1 billion this year, 9.6% up from 2018.

$68.5 Billion is the estimated revenue for the mobile gaming industry in 2019. It’s a safe bet that Apple will see significant revenue growth this year from its iOS games.

An interesting prediction in the Newzoo report is about the PC gaming market. More PC gamers will switch to iOS Android mobile gaming in 2019, triggering a 15% fall in revenue. Meanwhile, Nintendo Mini will cause a boost in revenue for Nintendo, Newzoo predicts.