It was rumored that Apple was working on a VR headset, but Apple has confirmed the Vision Pro VR headset at WWDC 2023. The aim of the VR headset is not to take you into VR but to bring the display to your real life. It allows you to create a workspace and work without having an actual screen.


Apple explained the different ways in which you can use the Vision Pro VR headset and provided examples of using it for video calling working entertainment, and even meditation. You can have Vision Pro create a screen in your existing surrounding, or you can go beyond that and have the headset take over and take you into the world of VR.

Apple Vision Pro VR

Apple’s Vision Pro does not need a controller and relies on eyes, hands, and voice. Gestures are subtle and gentle, and you can command Siri to open and close apps or even write something down. You also do not have to disconnect yourself from the real world. Eyesight allows others to see your eyes when the user can see them, and when someone is nearby, the user will see them. Allowing you to blend the real and digital worlds seamlessly.

The VR headset allows you to have multiple displays at the same time without actually having any displays at all, and it works with existing Apple accessories and Macs. It also has a camera that allows you to capture spatial videos and create memories that you can then view in the VR headset.


The headset supports Apps that you are used to in the Apple ecosystem. It also supports 3D movies, spatial audio, and noise cancellation to immerse yourself in the content that you are viewing. Apple has confirmed that the headset will support games and will support 100 arcade games when the headset launches. Disney+ will also be available at launch.

The headset also has a battery pack that attaches magnetically so that you do not feel the weight of the battery on your head. It also supports lens inserts for people that wear glasses. The lenses support 4K and HDR for crisp content consumption.

The VR experience is powered by VisionOS, and Apple claims that this is the first operating system that has been designed with spatial computing in mind and that it supports the execution of multiple apps in the same simulation.

The headset uses iris scanning to unlock for privacy. Apple also talked about how your eye-tracking data cannot be tracked by websites that you browse, and only gestures you make with your fingers are registered.


Since this is the first Apple VR headset and it is a premium product, it does cost a lot of money. The Apple Vision Pro will be available for $3499. While there is no confirmation regarding the release date, we do know that it will be available in 2024.

Let us know what you think about the Apple Vision Pro VR headset and whether or not this is something that you are interested in.


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