Apex Legends, known for its dynamic squad-based gameplay, introduced a game-changing feature in the Chaos Theory update in March 2022: No-Fill Matchmaking. This option allows players to dive into the high-adrenaline Apex matches solo, setting the stage for a more challenging and individualized experience. Here’s how you can navigate this feature and what to expect when you step into the Apex Arena alone.


Apex Legends Solo No-Fill Matchmaking Explained

In the game lobby, before you launch into a match, locate the “Fill Matchmaking” checkbox or the “Fill Teammates” option situated above the ‘Ready’ button. To embark solo, ensure this option is unchecked or toggled off. This feature is accessible in both Duos and Trios modes.

With No-Fill activated, proceed as you normally would to start a match. Brace yourself to enter the fray solo, facing off against teams in your chosen game mode. To preserve the game’s balance and pacing, each match limits the number of “no fill” players to six.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

  • Benefits: Solo play is a trial by fire, a chance to refine your skills without relying on teammates.
  • Drawbacks: You’re on your own, with no one to revive you, provide additional firepower, or support during skirmishes.

Game Design and Solo Play

Apex Legends is built around team synergy, especially concerning the Legends’ abilities. While No-Fill allows for solo play, it’s a far cry from a dedicated solo mode, which is currently absent from the main game. Given the solo mode’s ruthlessness, it’s prudent to train in the firing range, study the map, and develop tactics for engaging multiple foes simultaneously.

The community’s desire for a full-fledged Solos mode hasn’t waned. Stay tuned to announcements from Respawn Entertainment for any forthcoming adjustments to available game modes.

This was all you needed to know about how to play solo in No-Fill matchmaking in Apex Legends. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Apex Legends wiki guides.