Over the past few months, we have monitored what possible features Sony might bring with its next console, PS5. One of the key features we were able to discover in a few PS5 related patents is the PlayStation AI, a system that would help players in-game. Whenever the player is having difficulty in-game, the system would try to help in whichever way possible. For this, Sony has created contextual in-game assistance, as revealed by a new patent. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s contextual in-game assistance system monitors player engagement to generate help.

The present disclosure describes methods and systems directed towards identifying player engagement to generate contextual game play assistance. User gameplay information is monitored so that the user can be provided assistance within the video game where the user may have problems. User gameplay information is monitored in order to identify what type(s) of assistance could be provided to the user. The information can be based on the current level of frustration of the user with the video game.

The system is an extension of the PlayStation Assistance AI. Apart from contextual assistance, the AI is able to receive voice and text commands to pull up user-generated guides and help videos from the PlayStation Network. We discussed this in-detail when we reported on the PlayStation AI and user-generated content PS5 patents before. Sony’s next-generation console is releasing this holiday season. There is no official reveal at the moment so every detail we have dug up is unofficial and since companies file a ton of patents throughout the year, nothing comes out of most of them. We will have to wait and see how this goes.

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