Resident Services or Town Hall in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is nothing more than a tent at the start. Being the central hub of almost every activity in the game, you must upgrade the Resident Services as early as possible in ACNH. Once again, the ever so reliable Tom Nook is the go-to guy to get the job done. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Town Hall Upgrade Guide, we’ll help you upgrade the most important building in the game.


Requirements for Upgrading Resident Services

Before trying to upgrade the Resident Services in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players must meet certain prerequisites to ensure the successful transformation of the Resident Services tent into a fully-fledged Town Hall. Below are the essential requirements players need to fulfill:

1. Have Five Villagers on the Island

  • Ensure you have invited and successfully settled five villagers on your island. This number includes yourself and any other players sharing your island.

2. Upgrade from a Tent to a House

  • Transition from living in a tent to owning a house. Complete the necessary payments and upgrades to achieve this status.

3. Build Nook’s Cranny

  • Construct the Nook’s Cranny shop on your island by gathering the required materials and fulfilling the conditions set by Timmy and Tommy.

4. Place a Bridge on the Island

  • Successfully place at least one bridge on your island to connect different areas, making them accessible to you and your villagers.

5. Stake Out Land for New Villagers

  • Prepare plots of land for new villagers to move in by staking out the land and ensuring it is ready for construction.

6. Wait for All Villagers to Move In

  • Allow time for all the invited villagers to move into the island and settle into their new homes.

Meeting these requirements sets the foundation for upgrading the Resident Services and paves the way for the construction of the Town Hall, unlocking a plethora of new features, opportunities, and advancements for your island.

How To Upgrade Resident Services In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Upgrading Resident Services is a systematic process that involves several key steps. Begin your journey by paying off the Getaway Package to Tom Nook. This step is crucial for initiating the upgrade process.

Upgrade your living situation from a tent to a house by making the necessary payments and choosing your house’s design and location. Travel to other islands and invite new villagers to join your island community. Ensure you have at least five villagers living on your island. Work with Timmy and Tommy to build Nook’s Cranny. Gather the required materials and assist in the construction to establish the shop on your island.

Construct a bridge to connect different areas of your island, enhancing accessibility and allowing for further development. Designate plots of land for new villagers to build their homes. Ensure the land is prepared and available for construction. Be patient as the new villagers move in and settle into their new homes on your island.

Converting Resident Services to Town Hall

  1. Ensure All Villagers Have Moved In:
    • Confirm that all the invited villagers have moved in and are settled on your island. You need to have three new residents move into your town by following Tom Nook’s instructions.
  2. Speak to Tom Nook:
    • Engage in a conversation with Tom Nook to express your interest in further upgrading the Resident Services.
  3. Initiate the Upgrade Process:
    • Tom Nook will guide you through the process, providing detailed instructions and requirements for the upgrade.
  4. Gather Necessary Materials:
    • Collect the required materials and funds needed for the upgrade as instructed by Tom Nook.
  5. Wait for Construction to Complete:
    • Allow time for the construction to be completed. The upgrade will take a few days, during which the Resident Services will be closed. The earliest you can unlock the Resident Services building is the sixth day you play, and it won’t open until the eighth.
  6. Explore the New Town Hall:
    • Once the upgrade is complete, explore the new Town Hall and familiarize yourself with the expanded services and features available.

Benefits of Upgrading Resident Services to Town Hall

Upgrading Resident Services to a Town Hall in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a significant milestone that brings numerous benefits and enhancements to your island life. Below are the detailed benefits that you can enjoy upon the successful upgrade:

1. Access to Isabelle

  • Role: Isabelle will join the staff at the Resident Services.
  • Services: Discuss issues about villagers, change the town flag and tune.
  • Announcements: Isabelle will be in charge of the morning announcements, bringing her charm to each day.

2. Enhanced Infrastructure

  • Town Square Upgrade: The town square is upgraded with pavement and a new bulletin board.
  • Building Bridges: Facilitate the construction of bridges for easy navigation across the island.
  • Moving Buildings: Gain the ability to relocate buildings, optimizing the layout of your island.

3. Expanded Nook Stop Machine Services

  • Nook Miles: Receive a bonus of 500 Nook Miles and continue earning Nook Miles daily.
  • Inventory Upgrade: Purchase an inventory upgrade for 8,000 Miles.
  • New Items: Access even more items using Nook Miles.

4. Advanced Customization Options

  • DIY Customization Workshop: Unlock the DIY Customization Workshop for enhanced crafting.
  • Town’s Tune and Flag: Personalize your town by changing its tune and flag.
  • Town Evaluations: Receive evaluations for your town to understand its standing and areas for improvement.

5. Strategic Planning and Development

  • Resetting Villagers: Optimize your community by resetting villagers.
  • Strategic Placement: Plan and execute the strategic placement of buildings and structures for a well-organized island.

This is how you can Upgrade Town Hall in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Feel free to check our complete coverage of the game by heading to our Animal Crossing: New Horizons wiki.