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Animal Crossing New Horizons NookPhone Apps Guide


When you start in Animal Crossing New Horizons you meet Tom Nook who gives you the phone called the “NookPhone.” As you progress in the game you unlock new apps for your NookPhone in Animal Crossing New Horizons. In our Animal Crossing New Horizons NookPhone Apps guide, we will share all the information you need. If you wish to know about the special services, head over here.

When you get access to the phone you will have a few apps already unlocked on the NookPhone while others would need to be unlocked as you progress in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You will see a “?” sign next to the apps that are locked for the time being.


The camera is one of the apps on your NookPhone and allows you to take pictures in the game. The Camera App gives you access to Photo Mode.

How to Use Photo Mode:  Press SL to access your NookPhone. Select the camera app, you can zoom in and out using the directional buttons. You can choose from a range of filters as well, there are around 7 filters available in the game. The next step is to choose an emotion to display on the picture. Take the picture with the directional button.

Nook Miles

Nook Miles is a new currency in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You earn these as rewards for completing various challenges that appear in the Nook Miles app. You can exchange these miles for items and activities such as DIY recipes, Nook Miles tickets, and Nook Inc. uniform.

Crafting Recipes and DIY

You have purchase tools from shops but crafting DIY recipes is available to you on the NookPhone.  You can check out the full list of crafting recipes in our other guide.


To access the map you can open your NookPhone apps section in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The map is available to you on the lower-right corner but you can access the full map on the phone. Moreover, you can select one of the four maps to start off with.

Call Islander

If you are planning to dive into the multiplayer portion of the game, this is where you do it. Call Islander is one of the NookPhone apps in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You can access features such as Party Play aka Couch coop. Up to 8 players can play on the same Island.

Custom Designs

You can use the Custom Design app to customize your furniture, clothing, and other items the way you want to. You can add designs and different patterns. Moreover, you can bring over designs from New Leaf and Happy Home Designer. Here’s how to do it.

  • Download the Nintendo Switch Online App on your phone
  • Use the NookLink,  Animal Crossing New Horizons game-specific service
  • Select Custom Designs to scan the QR codes of design created in the New Leaf and Happy Home Designer.
  • Scan and save through the NookLink
  • Open the custom designs app in the New Horizons and press R to toggle over the “Pro Designs.” You can wear, display, or erase the custom design from the in-game app.


You can access and customize your passport via the Nook Phone. You can customize your Passport by changing the photo, add a comment, and choose a new title whenever you want.

Rescue Services

The Rescue Services app on the NookPhone allows players to teleport to key locations on the island if they become stuck or lost​​. Using the service costs 100 Nook Miles. If the player lacks the necessary miles, they’ll be transported to a random location for free​​.

Players can choose to be transported to the Plaza, the Airport, Nook’s Cranny, or their home. It cannot be used indoors, during Mystery Island Tours, or in dreams, except on the May Day tour​​. The Operator is typically Mr. Resetti, who is known for his distinctive theme music and voice, but occasionally his brother Don may fill in.

If called in The Roost café while Mr. Resetti and Don are there, the service will not respond​​.

Island Designer

Tom Nook’s Project K is the key to unlocking the Island Designer app, which involves a series of developments on your island, including building a campsite, inviting the first camper, constructing housing plots, and achieving a three-star island rating​​. Upon reaching a three-star rating, Tom Nook gifts you the app, initially with basic path tools. Additional path options, along with waterscaping and cliff construction tools, can be unlocked using Nook Miles​​​​.

Pressing ‘A’ on grass creates or removes paths. Different paths can be placed adjacent but will have gaps. Custom designs can be used for paths, costing 2,300 Nook Miles to unlock the feature​​. Create water features by pressing ‘A’ to dig trenches and fill them. It requires finesse to shape rivers and ponds correctly​​.

Cliffs can be built up to three tiers high and are modified from the tier below. Villagers require inclines to access houses on cliffs​​. o create waterfalls, use the waterscaping tool at the edge of cliffs​​.

The Island Designer app offers expansive creative control, allowing you to reshape your island’s terrain to fit your vision.

Nook Shopping

The Nook Shopping NookPhone App is a convenient feature that players can unlock in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This app allows players to shop from anywhere within the game, making it an upgrade from the Nook Stop’s shopping service.

To unlock the Nook Shopping app, you must make 100 purchases through the Nook Shopping service at the Nook Stop​​​​. These purchases can be any items listed in the Nook Shopping catalog and do not have to be different items; multiple purchases of the same item count toward the 100 required.

There is no time limit for making these purchases, so you can take as long as you need to reach this milestone.

How It Works

  • The Nook Shopping app functions identically to the Nook Shopping service available at the Nook Stop within Resident Services.
  • It gives you access to a special catalog that includes a variety of items, such as furniture, clothing, and limited-time offers.
  • The app can be used anywhere on the island, which is especially useful when you’re away from the Resident Services and on Mystery Island Tours​

Best-Friends List

Last but not the least, you can access your best friends list on the Nook Phone in Animal Crossing New Horizons. To protect your Island during multiplayer items such as axes and shovels are banned. However, you can choose from a best-friends list to use these items on their Island.

This marks the end of our New Horizons NookPhone apps guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki.

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