Our Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide will help you with how to find the Mole Cricket on the island and how to catch it.


How to Catch a Mole Cricket

Mole Crickets aren’t particularly easy to find as they are buried in the ground. Here we will help you with how to track them and catch them.

First, you need to keep your ears out for chirping. There is at least one Mole Cricket on the player’s island, they just need to find it.

Run around the island and when you hear chirping, try to locate where it’s coming from. Where the sound is loudest, start digging until the Mole Cricket pops out. Then you need to catch it with your net.


Considering you’ll wear through your shovel while trying to find the Mole Cricket and they are only worth 500 Bells, just donate them to Blathers and then forget about them.

That is all for our Animal Crossing New Horizons guide on how to catch a Mole Cricket. For more on the game also see our How To Get All The Wands and How to Wake Up Gulliver.