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AC New Horizons Iron Ore And Nuggets Farming In 2023


Iron Ore aka Iron Nugget is one of the most useful and sort after DIY materials in Animal Crossing New Horizons. One of the key aspects of gameplay involves resource gathering, with iron ore and nuggets being particularly crucial for crafting and island development. In this guide, we will explain the best way of farming Iron Ore in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Iron ore and nuggets are valuable resources in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They are primarily used for crafting tools, furniture, and other essential items that enhance your island life. Obtaining these resources is a fundamental part of the game, influencing your progress and the aesthetic of your island.

Where to Find Iron Ore and Nuggets

Iron ore and nuggets can be found by hitting rocks found throughout your island. Each day, every rock on your island gives you a chance to drop these resources. Additionally, you can visit mystery islands using Nook Miles Tickets, where you’ll find more rocks to harvest.

iron ore farming through rocks in AC NH.
This is what the rocks look like. Hit them with the shovel as shown in the picture.

Best Way To Farm Iron Nuggets And Ore In Animal Crossing New Horizons

A common issue players encounter while mining is the backward movement of their character after each hit on a rock. This movement can be frustrating as it necessitates repositioning before striking again, reducing the overall efficiency of the mining process.

To combat this, the solution lies in using your shovel to create a tactical barrier. By digging two holes in specific positions near the rock, you can form a corner-like structure. Position yourself in this corner to hit the rock. This setup prevents any backward movement, allowing you to strike rapidly and consistently.

Key Points:

  • Dig two holes to form a corner.
  • Stand between the holes and face the rock.
  • Rapidly hit the rock without any recoil.

Before you start mining, it’s crucial to check the surroundings of the rock. Clear any adjacent items, flowers, or weeds, as these can hinder the number of items a rock can yield. Additionally, avoid eating in-game before mining. Consuming food gives your character stamina, which, when high, leads to the destruction of rocks instead of mining them.

Once you have set up your strategic digging position:

  1. Stand between the holes, facing the rock.
  2. Start pressing the A button rapidly.
  3. Continue until eight materials have dropped.
  4. Collect all items and refill the holes.
  5. Move to the next rock and repeat the process.

What To Do When You Run Out Of Rocks In AC NH

It’s possible to deplete the resources of all the rocks on your island. If you find yourself in need of more iron nuggets:

  1. Visit a Friend’s Island: You can mine rocks there for additional resources.
  2. Explore Mystery Islands: These are accessible by purchasing a Nook Miles Ticket for 2,000 Miles from the Nook Stop kiosk. Once you have your ticket, head to the airport, speak with Orville, and choose to use your Nook Miles Ticket.

Mystery Islands are not only rich in resources but also boast a higher probability of yielding iron nuggets. Each rock on these islands has a 50% chance to drop an iron nugget, making them an excellent option for intensive farming. Remember, each Mystery Island provides a fresh set of rocks, allowing for continuous mining.

Fastest Way To Earn 30 Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Gathering 30 iron nuggets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a common goal, often required for various crafting projects, including the essential task of building the Nook’s Cranny store.

Your island has several rocks that reset daily, each capable of yielding iron nuggets. Follow these steps for each rock:

  1. Preparation: Clear the area around the rock of any items, flowers, or weeds.
  2. Avoid Stamina: Do not consume any fruit before hitting the rocks, as this will lead to breaking them instead of mining.
  3. Recoil Prevention: Use the shovel to dig two holes behind you, creating a corner to prevent backward movement when hitting the rock.
  4. Hit the Rock: Stand in the corner and rapidly hit the rock with your shovel or axe, aiming for the maximum eight hits per rock.

Unlimited Iron Nuggets Farming Method (Cheat) For Animal Crossing New Horizons

One innovative approach to gathering a significant amount of iron nuggets involves leveraging Nook Miles Tickets.

This method, which feels like an Iron Nugget farming cheat, can expedite the process of collecting iron nuggets, especially when aiming to accumulate resources for Timmy’s shop.

Step 1: Redeem Nook Miles for Tickets

After settling your initial tent payment in the game, focus on accumulating Nook Miles. You’ll need about 6,000 Nook Miles to purchase several Nook Miles Tickets from the Resident Services. These tickets are your gateway to accessing resource-rich, random islands.

Step 2: Earn Nook Miles

To gather Nook Miles swiftly, engage in the various simple tasks listed on your Nook Phone under the Nook Miles section. These tasks are continuously refreshed, providing you with ample opportunities to earn Nook Miles. Avoid time-traveling; instead, complete these tasks systematically to build up your miles.

Step 3: Upgrade Inventory and Tools

Before embarking on your island-hopping journey, invest in inventory upgrades and the tool wheel at the Resident Services. These upgrades are crucial as they allow you to carry more items and access your tools quickly and efficiently, enhancing your resource-gathering expedition.

Step 4: Prepare for Island Visits

Preparation is key. Before using a Nook Miles Ticket, it’s advisable to clear your inventory, storing all non-essential items. Carry only your essential tools and the ticket. Consider bringing additional space to capitalize on any rare fish or insects you might encounter.

Step 5: Gather Iron on Random Islands

Now, use your Nook Miles Tickets at Dodo Airlines to visit random islands. These islands are a treasure trove of resources, including iron nuggets. Apply the previously mentioned trick of digging holes near rocks to maximize your hits and prevent recoil. Efficiently hit every rock on the island to collect iron nuggets. If necessary, repeat this process with multiple island visits until you have gathered enough iron for your needs.

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