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Animal Crossing New Horizons Inventory Space – How To Increase


How to increase inventory space is a question we all will ask at one point or another in Animal Crossing New Horizons. In this guide will explain how to optimize and organize your Pocket Space, and how to expand storage.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Inventory Space Optimization

We have discussed the Resident Services in our previous guide already. One of the features of Resident Service is the Nook Stop. Here you can buy and sell items with ease. One of the items you can buy is called Pocket Organization Guide. The item is pretty expensive as it will cost you 5000 Nook Miles. However, it will increase your inventory slots by 10 to 30 max. Having additional slots will get you enough space to store extra items.

Keeping around items you don’t need is a recipe for a full inventory. Either sell the items you don’t need to or drop them and later pick up from exactly where you dropped them.

The purpose of everything is to increase your inventory space and organize your items in a way that they take up less space. Increasing inventory space isn’t cheap and you can’t really do it over and over again.

Pocket Inventory Upgrades

First Inventory Space Upgrade: Pocket Organization Guide

  • Availability: From the start of the game, once the Nook Miles+ program is unlocked.
  • Cost: 5,000 Nook Miles.
  • Process: This upgrade is available from the Nook Stop Terminal inside Resident Services. Paying off your first Tent loan (5,000 Miles) and opening a new loan with Tom Nook unlocks this option.
  • Benefit: Adds a third row to your inventory, increasing total slots to 30​​.

Second Inventory Space Upgrade: Ultimate Pocket Stuffing Guide

  • Availability: After upgrading the Resident Services tent to a full building.
  • Cost: 8,000 Nook Miles.
  • Process: Once you have upgraded the Resident Services tent into the Town Hall building with Isabelle, this upgrade becomes available at the Nook Stop Terminal.
  • Benefit: Adds a fourth row to your inventory, increasing total slots to 40​​.

Home Storage Upgrades

Your home in Animal Crossing not only provides a personal space to decorate but also serves as a crucial storage area. As you upgrade your house, your storage capacity increases significantly.

  • Initial Upgrade: Moving from a tent to a house grants 80 storage slots.
  • Subsequent Upgrades: Each house upgrade, which involves paying off Bells and agreeing to new home loans, significantly increases your storage capacity. The final upgrade, adding a basement, maxes out your storage space at 1,600 slots​​.

While upgrading inventory and storage space is essential, managing what you have effectively is equally important.

Once you have a house, store items to free up pocket space. You can access house storage by pressing the right button on the Left Joy-Con or Pro Controller D-Pad. Items added to your character’s catalog can be re-ordered from the Nook Shopping menu at the Nook Stop terminal. Selling re-orderable items from your inventory can declutter your space.

Remember that you can place most items, including bugs and fish, outdoors. This can be particularly useful if your inventory and storage are full​​.

House Upgrades And Storage Amount

Upgrade No.Storage Amount
0 (Tent)0
Expanded Home Storage 12,400
Expanded Home Storage 23,200
Expanded Home Storage 34,000
Expanded Home Storage 45,000
This table outlines the storage capacity available at each upgrade level in the game.
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