Animal Crossing New Horizons Inventory Space Optimization and Organizing Guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons Inventory Space Optimization

How to increase inventory space is a question we all will ask at one point or another in Animal Crossing New Horizons. In this guide will explain how to optimize and organize your Pocket Space, and how to expand storage.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Inventory Space Optimization

We have discussed the Resident Services in our previous guide already. One of the features of Resident Service is the Nook Stop. Here you can buy and sell items with ease. One of the items you can buy is called Pocket Organization Guide. The item is pretty expensive as it will cost you 5000 Nook Miles. However, it will increase your inventory slots by 10 to 30 max. Having additional slots will get you enough space to store extra items.

Keeping around items you don’t need is a recipe for a full inventory. Either sell the items you don’t need to or drop them and later pick up from exactly where you dropped them.

Inventory Expansion

You need to upgrade your Resident Services into an entire building you can access further inventory upgrade options. You can expand your inventory space by another 10 to 40 slots. However, it can cost you up to 8000 Nook Miles.

Inventory Organization

Hold the A button to move around items in your inventory. Use it to organize your inventory space. Once you have paid off your initial 5000 Nook Miles loan you get access to a storage space in your tent or house. The big-box as 80 slots to begin with. Moreover, you can use your house as a storage space. The items you drop in your house will be available to pick up at any point. You can hold items there temporarily but there is a downside to just leaving items lying around in the house or the Island. This can affect your Island’s evaluation.

Bury It

One of the ways you can store items you don’t need at the moment but can’t sell is to bury them. Find a place to bury these items and come back for them later. All you need to do is remember where you buried your items.

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