With our Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers guide, you’ll be able to learn all about getting more residents to your island. There are multiple ways of doing so and all of them require you to upgrade Resident Services first. Once that’s done, you get complete control over who can move into your island and where they get to live, etc. Let’s go over different methods of getting more villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


How To Get More Villagers In ACNH

In the beginning phases of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your island is home to two initial villagers. As you embark on your island adventure, expanding your community is an exciting prospect.

Using Mystery Islands

One of the most thrilling ways to recruit new villagers is by visiting Mystery Islands. Obtain Nook Miles Tickets and embark on island tours. Here, you may encounter various villagers eager to find a new home. If you have an open plot on your island, extend an invitation, and they’ll soon become a part of your growing community.

Use The Campsite

After upgrading your Resident Services, construct a campsite to attract occasional visitors. Engage with these potential new residents, and if you hit it off, invite them to settle on your island. This method is a fantastic way to gradually grow your island population and add diverse characters to your community.

Using Amiibo Cards

For those who have specific villagers in mind, Amiibo cards are your go-to option. By scanning an Amiibo card at the Nook Stop, you can invite particular villagers to your campsite. From there, persuade them to move to your island, ensuring you have your favorite characters as your neighbors.

How To Maintain Villagers In ACNH

Creating a harmonious and happy island community goes beyond just inviting villagers to your island. Maintaining good relationships with them is crucial for a thriving island life. Here’s how you can ensure your villagers are content and engaged:

Daily Interactions

Make it a habit to talk to your villagers every day. These daily interactions contribute significantly to their happiness and your relationship with them. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep the spirits high on your island.

Giving Gifts

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Your villagers are no different. Present them with items they would love, and watch your friendship blossom. Gifts are a gesture of goodwill and care, reinforcing your bond with the villagers.

Completing Tasks

Every now and then, your villagers will request your assistance with various tasks. It could be finding a specific item, delivering a package, or any other help they might need. Completing these tasks not only strengthens your relationship with the villagers but also earns you rewards and a reputation as a reliable friend.

How To Remove Villagers In ACNH

While building and maintaining your community is essential, there may come a time when you need to say goodbye to certain villagers. Whether it’s to make room for new faces or simply because of a mismatch in personalities, here’s how you can go about removing villagers from your island:

Encouraging Villagers to Leave

If a villager is contemplating moving (evidenced by a thought bubble over their head), seize this opportunity to talk to them. During the conversation, encourage them to move forward with their plans to leave. This method is a peaceful and respectful way to part ways with a villager.

Using the Campsite to Replace Villagers

The campsite is not just for recruiting new villagers; it’s also a tool for replacing current residents. When a visitor is at the campsite, you can persuade them to move to your island, potentially replacing a current villager. This method allows you to refresh your community and bring in new dynamics.

Reporting to Isabelle

If a villager’s behavior or presence is disruptive, head to Resident Services and talk to Isabelle. Report the villager to her, and she will address the issue, which may result in the villager deciding to move out.

How to Be Best Friends with Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  1. Talk to Them Daily:
    • Make a habit of talking to every villager every day. This simple interaction boosts your friendship levels.
  2. Give Them Gifts:
    • Offer your villagers gifts that they like. Pay attention to their preferences and choose items that suit their personalities and styles. Wrapped gifts add an extra touch.
  3. Do Tasks for Them:
    • Complete tasks that your villagers ask you to do. It could be catching a specific fish, finding an item, or delivering a package to another villager.
  4. Write Letters:
    • Send your villagers letters with or without a gift. It’s a thoughtful way to increase your friendship.
  5. Celebrate Their Birthdays:
    • Don’t forget your villagers’ birthdays. Give them a birthday gift wrapped in their favorite color wrapping paper.
  6. React Positively:
    • Use positive reactions when interacting with them. Show them that you care about their feelings and thoughts.
  7. Avoid Annoying Them:
    • Avoid talking to them too much in a short period, pushing them, hitting them with a net, or any other negative actions as these will decrease your friendship levels.
  8. Help Them When They’re Sick:
    • If a villager is sick, make sure to visit them and give them medicine.
  9. Participate in Their Activities:
    • Join them in any activities or events they are involved in.

These are all the different ways of getting new villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can also check our complete coverage of the game by heading to our Animal Crossing: New Horizons wiki.