Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells Farming Guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells Farming

Wondering how to get more bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Well, wonder no more as our Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells farming guide will explain how to get a ton of this currency.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells Farming

To live a wealthy, comfortable life you need Bells. There are multiple ways to get your hands on more Bells in New Horizons. Making more money in Animal Crossing New Horizons is key and we are here to explain how to get more money, so let’s get to in.

When you start the game one of the best ways to make some money early on is selling fruits. You can sell whatever native fruit that grows on your Island to Bells. There are five main types of fruits in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Oranges
  • Cherries
  • Peaches

A single piece of native fruit is going to get you 100 Bells. Meanwhile, foreign fruits can get you 500 Bells. As you progress in the game your native trees will produce perfect variants that stand out thanks to their golden shine. Perfect variants of the fruit will get you 600 Bells per piece. The best move here to not sell every perfect fruit you find. Plant one of them to get a Perfect Fruit producing tree. When you start visiting other Island you can find Perfect Fruits that are non-native. Each of them can get your 3000 Bells.

Daily Fossils

Another great way to of Bells farming is to sell fossils. Each day on your Island you can find new Fossils marks by a tell-tale crack on the ground. You can dig up these items with a shovel and make your way to the museum. Speak with Blather who will then display the Fossils in the museum. But any duplicate fossil you find on the Island can be sold for a lot of Bells at Nook’s Cranny. This is a great way to get more money in Animal Crossing New Horizons. How much cash you get depends on the type of fossil you sell. You can get somewhere between 4,500 Bells to 5000+ Bells for a rare fossil. Since these are generated daily, you can keep digging indefinitely.

Sell Wildlife

Another great way to farm cash in Animal Crossing new Horizon is to sell fish and bugs. The Island is home to a range of different fish and bugs. You can catch these animals and sell them for Bells. How much cash you get depends on the type of bug or fish you’re trying to sell. You can get up to 9000 Bells with this method.

Check the Trees

Did you know you can shake trees to get items you can sell for Bells? You run the risk of wasps attacking you but you can get DIY materials from the trees. Use the axe at the trunk to get various types of wood that can be sold for Bells as well. Some trees will simply drop Bells.

Mine the Rocks

You can smash rocks with your shovel to produce smaller rocks, ore, and clay. These items can be sold for Bells. Rarely, you may also find Gold which can be sold for a lot of cash in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Each day you can find a money rock on your Island which can give you up to 8000 Bells.

Weed Isn’t Useless

When you collect a lot of weed it will be stored in your inventory as clumps of 99. Each clump of 99 can get your 990 Bells which is a great way of money farming in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

There Are Money Trees

In the fossil section, we discussed how every day there are new fossils for you to find in the dirt. These are marked with a tell-tale crack but every now and then you will see a Golden shine in the dirt crack. Use the shovel to dig the dirt and you will get 1000 Bells. You can keep the Bells or plant them to create a money tree. The tree will grow in a few days.

That’s all the way you can earn more money in the new Animal Crossing game. If you need more help with the game check out our Beginner’s guide, and Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki.

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