Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginner’s Guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginner's guide

The year 2020 has been hard on us since the very beginning but some good things are finally coming out of it. We just saw the release of DOOM Eternal and now, we have Animal Crossing New Horizons for Nintendo Switch. The game is out now with new gameplay features, missions, and activities for the player to do. We have put together the Animal Crossing New Horizons beginner’s Guide with tips, tricks, and starting advice for you.

New Horizons Beginner’s Guide

You start off by selecting from four random maps as your Island home in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The maps are randomly generated so you don’t have much of a say. However, if you don’t like any of the maps generated by the New Horizons, you can simply log out of the game and sign back in to regenerate the game. If there are different options available when you sign back in, choose the ones that you see fit.

Choosing the Right Map

Selecting the right map is crucial to get off on the right foot in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Choose the map that has at least one large open area near the sea and surrounded by a river as not everywhere will be accessible at the start of the game. To gain access to certain areas so you will need to craft a vaulting pole to get over rivers. You will also need a ladder to reach higher areas but the ladder won’t be available until later in the game. Keep in mind that settle on a map that you really like and if your friends and family are playing Animal Crossing on the same Switch, ask for their advice as well as they will be using the same location; it is one location per Switch so choose wisely. You can go back and choose another Island before you complete the tutorial missions but once they are complete you must stick to the chosen location.

Space Out the Tents

Once you have selected your Island and you are done with the tutorial sections, you will reach your island and meet Tom Nook. The character will give you a tent and some basic supplies. You then need to find the right place to place a tent. The tent will eventually become your house and garden. Make sure the tent area has plenty of room for expansion. The next step is to find plots for some of your neighbors to settle on. From there, you need to choose where to place the museum, Nook’s Cranny shop and the visitor center. Each placement should have room to expand. You can place tents on top of trees don’t worry about looking for a natural clearing.

Resource Collection

When you start off the game properly one of your main tasks will be to pay back a loan for your tent and relocation. Nook Miles is a new form of currency in Animal Crossing that you get for every task, quest, and activity you complete on the Island. Tasks as small as picking weed can help you get additional Nook Miles. However, later larger loans will be paid back in Bells rather then Nook Miles. Everything you find on the Island can be traded at Timmy and Tommy Nook. They will buy anything from you so it is a great way to get resources.

The best way to make cash in Animal Crossing is to note down items they pay for and gather them as much as possible. They will buy the smallest of items, even weeds, pears, and other items so you will never find yourself short of cash in Animal Crossing.

Donate and Sell

While we are on the selling topic, here is a quick tip for our Animal Crossing New Horizons beginners.  You need to can sell anything you want but make sure you save fossils, original bigs or fish you find in the game. Give them to Blathers museum will place them in the museum for you. Before he comes to the Island you can donate such items to Tom Nook.

Inventory Management

As your crafting skills improve you will see your pockets fill up. When you visit other island make sure you have enough slots for anything new you find. Items dropped on your Island will remain there indefinitely so you can drop some to make space. Once you are able to move from a tent to a house you will get more storage space. You can use Nook Miles to visit other islands and explore for new items and activities.

That’s it for our Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginner’s guide. If you need more help check out our Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki.

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