Our Animal Crossing New Horizons guide will help you with how to lure out ants and catch them.


How To Catch Ants

Catching ants in Animal Crossing New Horizons isn’t easy and here we will help you with how to track and catch them.

Unlike other insects in Animal Crossing New Horizons, Ants won’t spawn randomly or during specific times. Instead, players will need to lure them out to catch them.

Buy a Turnip from Daisy Mae on Sunday morning when she appears on the island. Keep the turnip for at least one week, after that the Turnip will rot.


Take the rotten turnip outside and place it on the ground. Keep checking on the rotten turnip from time to time. Eventually, players will find it crawling with ants. Use your net to catch the ants.

One ant is worth 80 bells in the game. Catching ants isn’t worth much, so don’t bother catching them again after the first catch for Blathers’ museum.

That is all for our Animal Crossing New Horizons guide on how to lure out and catch ants. For more on the game also see our How To Catch A Mole Cricket and How To Get All The Wands.


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