In a world where exploration is key and evolution is the goal, there are many approaches and paths to be taken. With Ancestors: The Humankind Tips and Tricks Guide, we’ll address you on how to adapt and react to the environmental elements and make use of all resources around you for better results.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Tips

The core loop of the game revolves around exploration and how you can evolve your thinking and ways by observing the different events in your surroundings. This allows the game to be pretty free-form with open-ended areas and virtually no objective/quest markers.  Thus it’s useful to have a concise and succinct Ancestors:  The Humankind Odyssey Beginner’s Tips and Tricks Guide.

Every resource you gather or every secret you uncover helps you build neuronal experience. This, in turn, allows you to acquire new skills and become a more domination ape as you complete your journey towards becoming a more conscious species, the human.

Using the intelligence

You can scan environments by the Hominid intelligence tool that lets you see any resources you haven’t collected yet. These are shown as small “?” markers on the map. In addition to these visual cues, make use of all the surrounding noise and audio output.

This lets you dodge any strike predators’ strikes or uncover hidden camps and happenings in the forest. Timing is key here especially when it comes to evading attacks of the predators. This is done by releasing the X button on the PS4 controller and then using a directional input via the stick to dodge the attack in that particular direction.

Your other sense including Knowledge and Smell also lead to interesting potential opportunities in terms of resources and events. This helps you expand your Neuronal skill tree quicker and thus enables you to maximize evolutionary growth.

Gathering and keeping resources

Resources are closely tied to the progression system of Ancestors:  The Humankind Odyssey. Resources are gathered as described above, by scanning environments with Hominid intelligence. For scanning most efficiently, it’s recommended to climb atop a mountain or tree or any high vantage point. This lets you take a good look at the sources in a particular region.

The Red-leaf plant, Khat, allows you to remain warm in cold areas. Similarly, green-leaf plants known as Horsetail can heal broken bones. Using coconuts on snake bites can cure and heal them. Kapok Fibres will stop you from bleeding out.

Natal Grass Cycads allow you to build structures like resting spots while materials as simple as branches help you create a barricade for protection from predators and beasts.

These are not all, as many other materials are required to create weapons in combat situations against predators. These tools help you attack and not only rely on dodging at the right time.

You can create piles of all the above-described materials back at your home base camp. Later when you can upgrade your Neuronal abilities, you’ll be able to carry these stockpiles on your back, allowing you to transport them easily.

Mating and carrying children

Mating and offspring play a vital role in the evolution of the player and his clan. For mating, you’ll first need to create a couple by grooming two Hominids of the opposite-sex at your settlement. Once you’ve done so, both the hominids can share the comfort of their bed at night and mate successfully. It should be ensured that both the partners involved should be fertile and healthy.

When it comes to the children themselves, you can carry them on your back while roaming the world and carrying out activities. This lets you earn additional experience for your efforts helping you build up Neuronal XP bar faster and learning abilities quicker.