Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is a massive game and has plenty of skills for you to unlock. However, it isn’t that simple to unlock each skill. You need to have a good understanding of the game’s neuronal matrix. Skills and abilities are a complex system, performing new activities and actions allow you to create new nodes.

These nodes can be unlocked via establishing neurological synapses between the nodes and the current skills you have unlocked. Again, this is another one of the game’s features that aren’t explained properly.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Skills Unlock

The first thing you need to understand is the neuronal chart which is a fancy name for the game’s skill tree. The chart allows you to unlock new skills and abilities and improve existing ones by creating links between connecting neuronal synapses. Since nothing else is simple in this game, accessing the neuronal chart isn’t as well.

You can not press a button at any time and access the skill tree. You need to lay down at a sleep point to access the skill tree.

Use Ancestors‘ Neuronal Energy

To create links and pathways and evolve your skills you need something called Ancestors‘ neuronal energy.  To check the amount of energy you have look at the circle in the middle of the chart. The amount of Ancestors‘ neuronal energy is represented by how bright the circle is. Once you evolve into new species the amount of neuronal energy that can be stored is increased.

So, how can you get neuronal energy? You can perform various tasks and make sure your species is progressing. One of the first things you can do is bang rocks together to craft tools and weapons. You can explore, discover new landmarks, attack and dodge enemies, basically play the game to get more energy.

There is an icon at the bottom right corner that indicates when you are gathering neuronal energy. Make sure you carry a baby with you when you are gathering neuronal energy for a new skill.  Having one or two children with you raises the amount of energy you get. Keep in mind that if the character you are in control of is killed, your babies will need to find a way to hide and survive until another clan member comes for a rescue.

How to Unlock New Skills

While the game doesn’t explain much to you it does notify when a new skill is ready to be unlocked. At the top right corner, an indicator will tell you that a new skill is ready to be unlocked. Each skill type is linked to actions you perform which means attacking enemies will unlock skills of that department. Unlockable skills appear as white while locked skills that require more actions are dark.

Click on the white node to unlock the new ability. Now, you need to hold down the unlock button to purchase the skill. You will see a bridge start to form between skills and you’ll notice a decrease in your available neural energy.

How to Unlock Black Nodes

Basically, Black Nodes are skills and abilities that require you to perform more tasks and actions. Hover over each node to get a vague description which still gives you a good idea what it is and what actions you should be performing. Meeting the required conditions unlocks the skill upgrade quickly if you perform the right actions.

Now, some skills require a genetic mutation to unlock.

What Are Genetic Mutations

Mutated genes come up every now and then and are a result of procreating. They have a good chance of coming when mating. When a new child is born you will get a notification if a mutated gene is available and what it’s parent skill it. Mutated genes are represented with small orange-colored nodes. Just the Black nodes you need to hover over the node and get a description.

In order to unlock a genetic mutation, you must advance to the lineage’s next generation. When that happens orange nodes will evolve into full nodes that give a better description and idea of what actions must be performed. Keep in mind that the genetic mutation will end with the carrying clan member is no longer alive.

If you get a mutation you want, advance to the next generation to mature the genes. From there, evolve your clan.