Among Us Crewmate Abilities Guide – Best Abilities, Effects

Among Us Crewmate Abilities | How to Fake Tasks in Among Us

The Crewmate is one of the two groups you can pay in Among Us, Impostor is the other one. The Crewmate is totally different from Imposter and is much harder to play. However, there will be more of you on the map compared to the Imposters. In this guide, we will discuss all of the Crewmate abilities and skills available in Among Us.

The main goal of the Crewmate is to complete all tasks before the Impostors take over. If you get killed you get turned into an Impostor so your objective changes from completing tasks to killing Crewmates. As the Crewmate, you complete tasks while trying to figure out who the Imposters are. Crewmates who are killed by the Imposter become a ghost. The crewmate is able to do many tasks such as fixing color-coded writing, uploading data to admin, memorizing patterns, ship engines, and more.

Among Us Crewmate Abilities List

I have to say, Among Us doesn’t give Crewmates the best abilities. There are only 2 abilities available to Crewmates in Among Us.


Just like the Imposters, Crewmates can interact with different objects in the game. Since imposters can do the same, it becomes hard to detect them.


Crewmate has a report button that is used to report a dead body, call a meeting with other crewmates to discuss who the imposter is. Imposters have this ability as well so you can’t use this to detect an imposter.

These are the only two abilities Crewmates have.

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