Amnesia Rebirth Three Wheel Puzzle Solution Guide

Amnesia Rebirth three wheel puzzle

When playing Amenia Rebirth you will come across some hatches in The Cistern that won’t let you through until you complete the puzzle. You need to use the three wheels to make yourself a pathway to exit the area. In this quick puzzle solution guide, you’ll know everything about how to solve the three-wheel puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth.

Amnesia Rebirth Three Wheel Puzzle Solution

There are three wheels in front of you, the far left wheel opens the right hatch and moves out platforms for you. The left wheel is jammed so it needs to be fixed before you can use it. Now turn the middle wheel to the left which moves the tank to the left. You can now jump on the tank to get over to the right hatch.

Reach the right hatch and crawl through the tunnel. Take the first left and then another left and you will see something stuck in the chain of the wheel. Now you know why it wasn’t working. Fix the right wheel by removing whatever it is that blocks that chain, unjam it and head back to the three wheels puzzle.

Before you start, make sure you turn the far left wheel again to bring back the platforms in the wall. Now use the middle wheel to bring the tank towards the slot in the wall that shoots upwards. Use the far right wheel to bring it up and quickly move to the left wheel to turn it so the platforms come out. Now, it’ll land on the platform.

Now go to the first tunnel crawl through it. Take a right then left, now that another left until you reach the hole where the top of the tank is. Go across it to reach the next area to solve the Three Wheel puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth.

And that’s everything you need to know about the three-wheel puzzle solution in Amnesia Rebirth. If you need more help with the game check out our Amnesia Rebirth Wiki.

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