Amnesia Rebirth The Tower Walkthrough and Collectibles Guide

Amnesia Rebirth The Tower

Amnesia Rebirth The Tower is one of the final locations after The Village. Below you will find an entire walkthrough for The Tower and information regarding some collectible items you can find. You will be chasing down Doctor Metzier into the elevator but the door closes before you can reach him. However, use the elevator next to him to continue the pursuit.

Amnesia Rebirth The Tower Walkthrough – Finding Doctor Metzier

As expected, the elevator will get stuck so you need to crawl through the hatch above you. Open the hatch the use the vend to get out of the elevator. Once you are inside the vent you should head right and keep crawling. Drop down and take the door to your left. You can find some matches on the shelf as well as on a box near the table. Go through the next hall and use the door ahead. Go left and up the stairs. There are some collectibles here for you to grab. The rood room on the right has a cylinder, and there are matches on the cupboard to your right.

In the same room, you can see a doorway you can use. Go up the stairs and reach the elevator. Sadly, these elevators are broken as well. Go back to the other room that is before the stairs. When you reach the bottom of the stairs where you can find some more matches. Go right and then straight to the next room where more matches await. Go back to the hallway to your left and reach the next room. There will be a door to your right, open it, and go down the ladder.

When you reach down you can unplug some chords. Pull the chord on the left first and on the bottom right you can see some bars to pull. Take the bars out and slip the chords through so you can plug them into the other outlet. Once plugged, you will hear the sounds of the floating monster so it is time to hide. Now get back to the elevator to complete The Tower location in Amnesia Rebirth.

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